Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Elegant Lace Bridal, You Are Officially on My Bad List

Remember how the owner of Elegant Lace and I made a deal about my dress?  She told me I could either have them alter the dress down to a 6 and get my alterations somewhere else, or I could have the alterations done there, and they would alter the dress to my body, and I would only pay for shortening the skirt and the bustle.

This was less than 2 weeks ago, and I hadn't made a decision yet.

Last night, I got a call from them saying my alterations were done and the dress was ready to pick up.

Excuse me, what?  I haven't ordered alterations yet.  What alterations are you referring to?

This was essentially what I said when I called them this morning.  Their answer?  We don't know whether or not the dress has been altered down.  You'll have to come try it on to find out.

I was a fan of Elegant Lace.  I've promoted them on here.  I bought my dress and 2 of our bridesmaids' dresses from them.  I've recommended them when people asked me where to look for wedding dresses.

Now I wish I had never ordered from them.  If you don't know whether my dress has had alterations I didn't order, don't fucking tell me to come try it on to find out!  You find out yourself!  Show some customer service, dammit!  And while you're at it, how about a discount on my dress for ordering the wrong size in the first place and POSSIBLY doing alterations I did not agree to!

Yeah, I wouldn't go to them again, and you shouldn't either.

Dress horror stories, anyone?  Please make me feel better.


  1. That's awful! Punch them! Er, I do at least hope you yell at them. Is it nearby? Or is it difficult to just hop on in to try it on?

  2. Thanks Dana. It's not far at least. It's actually really close to work. But when I ordered the dress, I thought I would still be living in SoCal when it came in. Thank God we moved up here.

  3. On the bright side, since you didn't order the alterations that they may or may not have done, they're definitely free. Also, you could probably talk them into doing whatever else needs to be done for free too. Alterations problems, solved.


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