Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wedding Expenses

When I was trying to create a wedding budget, I found it very difficult to estimate costs.  Some things it was easy to get an idea about, but a lot of little things were difficult for me to judge, having no reference as a guide.  And so, I give to you our budget--our entire budget--so that wedding planning may be a bit easier for you.  Keep in mind that I spent a lot of time trying to find low prices or ways to do things cheaply.  But most of these prices are exact.  A few things we did at the last minute we left off our expense sheet, but for the most part, it is very accurate and complete.

Expense Total Cost
Ceremony Site Fee 500
Ceremony Chairs and Arch 339.55
Book for Officiant 15
Reception Food 4075.12
Bartender Fee 194.63
Drinks (all) 1800
Cake Cutting Fee 52.5
Cake 242
Speakers 319.23
Music 7
Nicole's Dress w/ Alterations 1350
Dress Shipping Costs 51.56
Nicole's Undergarments 184.91
Nicole's Shoes 39.14
Nicole's Hair/Make-up/Nails/Wax 150
Daniel's Tux 132
Daniel's Shoes included
Flower Girl Dress 54.99
Flower Girl Basket 10.91
Flowers (all) 749.15
Vases 71.7
Photography (w/ travel) 1690.13
Photography Prints ?
Videography 0
Paper Necessities  
Invitations (w/ Thank You Cards) 159.28
Place Cards/Guest Comment Cards 20
Book for Guest Comment Cards ?
Nom Monster 26.07
Directions to Reception 10
Rings 430
Marriage License 79
Hotel Room 400
Tulle 23.65
Attendant Gifts 350
Parent Gifts 100
Miscellaneous 226.76
Honeymoon paid by registry
Rehearsal Dinner 0
Totals 13854.28

Actually, looking at it now, this seems off.  I think we spent more like $15,000, so some stuff may be missing from here.  But anyway, it should give you a pretty good idea of what we spent on what.  Hope it helps!

Did you/will you keep extensive records on your wedding expenses?  If you're still planning, does this help?

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