Saturday, April 23, 2011

Slightly Off-kilter Registries

Man, it has been quite a week.  My hours were severely cut at work followed by daily schedule changes, I found out my dress may or may not have been altered without my consent (to answer your question Charlene, I haven't gone over to find out which yet), and we were rejected by grocery store florists across the land, all in the last 5 days.

And to make things busier, my future MIL came up to visit us yesterday.  While this is certainly not a bad thing like those mentioned above, it does take a certain amount of time away from dealing with said bad stuff.  Of course, at this point that may be the best thing for my sanity.

But even with all the stuff that's been going on, we did manage to get one thing accomplished this week:  all of our registries are officially a go.

Though we'll have several, the important one is our honeymoon registry.  I was surprised to find how few free ones are out there, but then I came across  They are totally free and seem to be decently configured.  The only thing you pay for is the PayPal fee if your guests contribute that way, but it also gives the option of printing a sort of gift certificate thing and sending a check or cash.  I'll probably encourage people to do that, but regardless, it's nice to have options.

Of course, the big things we're putting on the registry are our airfare and accommodations, but we've been told people will contribute more if we put more tangible gifts on too, so we also included some excursions and luxuries like...

a trip up Dunn's River Falls (the go to adventure in Ocho Rios),

scuba diving a wreck (life-long dream for me),

and a couple's massage (because you know we'll need it after all the wedding craziness).

Mmmm, they look so happy!

Hopefully, people will choose to contribute to our honeymoon, especially after I beg them, but for those who really want to give a tangible gift, we created a couple of other small registries.

Since we have limited space and the tendency to move often, we don't want much household stuff.  We can barely fit what we have now, and we just don't need much else at the moment.  However, there is one area where we both could do with some non-necessities:  the kitchen.  We like to cook, and while our kitchen is decently stocked, there are definitely items we'd like to add.

And so we created a registry at Sur la Table.  If you haven't heard of them, you're not alone.  They're a cooking store with all of the cooking stuff you could ever want.  We already enjoy moseying through whenever we come across one, so we figured this would be a good place for a registry.

And even though I'd be perfectly fine if everyone contributed to the honeymoon registry, I wouldn't exactly be disappointed if we got some of these:

Burn, Baby, Burn - mmmm, creme brulee

I've wanted a hand-pumped vegetable chopper for YEARS!

Um, how could you not want your bunt cakes to be shaped like castles?

Our knives are pretty good, but we couldn't resist getting one super-sharp one.

I swear we have useful stuff on our registry too, but it's just so much less fun to talk about.

Our Macy's registry is really small.  Really, really small.  So small that I'm wondering if we should just discard it altogether.  However, there were a few things we wanted that cannot be found at Sur la Table, and we literally created the Macy's registry because of 2 items:

I have been in love with this china for years.  I saw it on some wedding site the first time we were engaged and haven't been able to get it out of my head.  I even have multiple friends with the same china, and I still want it.  Though I don't particularly want to store china, I definitely don't want to buy it myself, so I really hope someone helps us out with this one even though that's money away from the honeymoon.

That was my reason for wanting the Macy's registry, this was Daniel's:

Ever since Daniel's cousin got married, and we chipped in to get them a good vacuum, Daniel has wanted someone to do the same for him.  We only have a small, crappy vacuum, so it would be really nice to get a good one like this.

There are a few other things on this registry, but those are the ones we care about.  Of course, it would probably be better if people didn't get them for us since they're expensive, and we'd rather have that money for the honeymoon.

We still need to streamline our "stuff" registries to maximize the appeal of the honeymoon one, but I'm glad we at least got them started.  With invitations almost ready to go out, we really needed to get this done.

Where did you register?  Why there?  Were any of your registries not-so-traditional like ours?


  1. Awesome! I think honeyfund is a great idea for couples who already have stuff (we didn't, sadly) and you registered for some great stuff for it. I've heard of Sur La Table, one can never have enough cooking stuff, and I ADORE that china pattern you've picked at Macy's. Our FAVORITE wedding gift is our hoover, we like practical things and use it every week!

  2. Lol, I haaaate the handpumped veggie cutter my FI bought. It's such a PIA to clean and it doesn't even chop that well.

    I'm checking out honeyfund though. Ditto on too much household stuff. We are flying to our own wedding and to the honeymoon... so airfare is def appreciated!

    Have you gone diving much before? I know you need special courses and training to actually visit inside wrecks... otherwise it can be extremely dangerous. But I agree it would be amazing!


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