Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Bridesmaid Dress, or How My Bridesmaid Thwarted My Attempts to Save Them Money

Bridesmaid dresses are ordered!  Yay!

You guys, I was so worried about getting this done before the dreaded rush charge would be added.  It took so much longer than I was expecting, especially since no one lives in the same areas, so I had to coordinate everyone's dress trials from afar.  I've been putting a lot of things off in the last few months, but this one was really scary, especially since today is our 4 month mark (eeeek)!

But you don't want to hear about that.  You want to see pretty dresses!  And so do I, so let's move on to the girls' choice:

Personal Photo

This is Becca, hereafter known as groomslady, in the dress.  It's kind of hard to see, so here is the pro pic:

It's funny, my bridesmaids totally thwarted my attempts to save them money.  I was totally ready to go for a cheaper dress that everyone liked or at least thought was OK, but they all liked this one and wanted to go with it even though it's significantly more expensive.  To be perfectly honest, it's not my first choice.  But I don't care, I just want all of them to feel like their dress is worth their money.

How did you choose bridesmaid dresses?

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  1. Pretty. I love that color blue. And it's a nice enough dress that they'll be able to wear them elsewhere. I'll try to match the color or style with my dress.

    I was so happy with our bridesmaids dresses that someday I'm going to buy my own!


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