Monday, April 25, 2011

Tables Numbers? We Don't Need No Stinking Table Numbers!

I've been brainstorming table numbers for a long time.  There was no way I was going to use boring old numbers when we could think up some creative names, but I've been torn between tying them into our theme and totally geeking out on them.

Having California-related table numbers would be appropriate, but naming the tables after Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc. is just so much more fun.

When I brought it up to Daniel, he of course came up with the perfect idea in about 2 minutes.

We move a lot.  Like, a lot a lot.  I've moved on average every 6 months for the past 6 years, and while Daniel's moving rate is more reasonable, it's still high.  Since where we've lived has been a big part of our relationship, we're going to name our tables after the streets we've lived on.  And it just so happens that the number of tables we're having matches the number of places we've lived together.

Except of course for our table.  We've decided that for the purposes of our sweetheart table, we've also lived at Disneyland (or Main St., USA, as it were).

I've got to give him credit, this was a super cute idea.  It's very appropriate to our relationship yet still ties in with Northern California as 3 of the streets are there.

But then, the all-important question:  what will our table names look like?

I think this may be an area that I'm not willing to put in too much effort, but I thought perhaps the name on a card with a picture of us in each apartment might be nice.  Something like this but less formal:

The pictures would probably feel more like this:

Anyway, you get the idea.

What did you do for table names/numbers?  Did you try to personalize it?


  1. That's a cute idea! I am very pro incorporating as much "you" as possible in weddings. We named our tables after our favorite places to hang out in Tokyo :)

  2. You should have the street-named table nametags look like street signs. duh :)


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