Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Making It Work at Michael's

One of the few pro-wedding aspects of my job is that it is right next to Michael's.  On my breaks, it is very easy to nip over there and browse for wedding items, and so far, I've been making out pretty well.

You would think that given my obsession with bridal gowns, my dress would have been my first wedding purchase, but it was actually these guys.  I bought them before we had a budget or indeed any wedding money, but they were so cute, and I figured we would find a use for them.  Now I'm really glad I bought them because our venue is a little hard to find, and it will be nice having them mark the entrance.

Since our invitations are rather simple, I've been looking for a way to spice them up a bit.  I figured tying a thin piece of twine around each suite would be a nice, beachy-looking touch, and this hemp rope will work perfectly.

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As Easter season approached, I figured it would be a good time to find a flower girl's basket without paying wedding prices.  Sure enough, this Easter basket was half the cost of the official flower girl's baskets at Michael's, and I like it better anyway.  Plus, it's a little bigger which will be good for our long aisle.  I can't wait to see Lizzy with it!

Yay Michael's for making everything crafty easy to find!

Have there been any stores that you found especially useful while searching for wedding stuff?

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  1. Also, I'm assuming you know this, but Michael's and Joann's have TONS of coupons online, usually for 40%. It's definitely worth it to print them and bring them with you next time you go in!


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