Sunday, May 2, 2010

Help! I need your advice, QUICKLY!

I'm going dress shopping today at a place that is giving a 30% discount on all gowns, and I know they have the dress I've been leaning towards.  My dilemma?  Should I buy it?

Pros:  30% off is a BIG deal.  Especially since I've started working out my budget and realized that I kinda need to downsize my dress budget if possible.  Plus, if I buy in IL and ship the dress to CA, I don't have to pay sales tax, so that's ANOTHER 10% off.  I know I love this dress, and I think I'd be happy with it.  Also, this would mean that I've actually gotten something wedding-related accomplished which would be nice.  And I know Daniel likes this dress, so that's helpful.

Cons:  I'm still not getting married for over a year.  I may have tried on a very large number of bridal gowns, but I'd still like to keeping window shopping if I do buy a dress now, and I'm afraid I'll find something I like better.  Also, with the dresses I've been attracted to lately and the fact that this dress is a bit ball gowny for what we're going for, I'm afraid I'll want something different later.  But on the same note, the dresses I've been coveting lately are more expensive which I can't do anyway and this dress is more me which is more important to me anyway.  The main thing I'm worried about is that if I ship it to CA, I won't be able to complain to the bridal salon as easily if something goes wrong.  I'll have to talk to them about that.  I'll also have to find my own seamstress to do alterations which worries me a little bit.  Plus...I wasn't really planning on making any purchases until the summer...and doing it before I've really got a handle on money and such kind of worries me.  I mean, I know I can afford it, but it's just a little sooner than I was expecting.  Finally, I don't yet have any of my undergarments or shoes, so I'll be flying a little blind with the fitting.  And while I'm not expecting to gain weight before my wedding, doing this over a year in advance adds pressure.  Of course, this dress has a corset back, so that actually shouldn't be much of an issue.

All right, what should I do?  Is the uncertainty worth $300+ that could REALLY help me out in the savings department?  Or should I wait until I have no doubt in my mind that this is the right thing to do...which frankly will probably never happen anyway?


  1. Go for it! You'll regret it later if you miss out on this deal. And if you do find something better, that fits your price range, it's not the end of the world. You can always sell your dress on Ebay!

  2. Don't wait. I got my dress 16 months before my wedding. As long as you can keep yourself from trying on other dresses and looking at dresses online after you purchased you'll be fine.

  3. Dude, it will be such a weight off your mind! Just do it and don't look back. Plus, if it is any consolation, you would look stunning in a potato sack so I am pretty sure you can't go wrong.

  4. Get it. You'll regret it if you get one of the newer dresses you've been looking at. You, darling, belong in a princessy ball gown with pickups, beading, and all. Also, you really shouldn't wait TOO much longer anyway. You don't need the proper undergarments until the alterations time, and finding a seamstress shouldn't be too difficult.

    As far as the distance goes, if they ship you the wrong dress, or it's damaged when it comes, they should send you another. Being in another state won't change that.


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