Tuesday, May 11, 2010

4 Years and Counting

Sorry for the lack of postiness...again.  There has been stuffs, I will get into it later, but for now, the fun stuff.

Daniel and I celebrated our fourth anniversary this weekend.  Until now, we have always gone on a minication.  California has so many awesome places to visit that it wasn't hard.  Bodega Bay, Stinson Beach/Point Reyes, Napa...they all were spectacular without costing us too much.

This year, money was just a little too tight for us to grab a hotel room, so we decided to stay at Chez FIL instead.  He was in CA on business, so we took over his house for two nights, so we could go to Six Flags Great America.

But first we made ourselves a fancy dinner at home on our actual anniversary which happened to be last Friday.  Daniel made cauliflower au gratin and pasta shells filled with ricotta and spinach among other things.  I made mango daquiris and a chocolate tart with blackberry sauce.  It was all delicious, but I have to say that my tart kicked ASS.  We had a lovely dinner (at an actual table!) and then headed off to the suburbs to get a good night's sleep for Great America.

That's when things started going wrong.  It's a bit of a hike to the suburbs, and we got a late start, so we didn't get to sleep until after midnight.  As I am still having trouble sleeping, I woke up at 7 really wishing that I could get back to sleep.

When we got to Great America, it was FREEZING!  I'm pretty sure it was in the high 40s, and we were not dressed for it, especially since it had been in the 70s during the week.  I was miserable.  We left after two rides (Daniel got us passes for my birthday, so we knew leaving wouldn't be a waste of money) in favor of the warmer amazing Chinese restaurant we discovered nearby.  That was good, but it kind of made me sick.  But we got to see Iron Man 2 after, so that at least was good.

That night, we did nothing.  I was so tired I almost fell asleep around 7.

Didn't get enough sleep that night either, but it was better at least.  Went to Daniel's family's mothers' day brunch Sunday morning which was meh.  Neither of us was up for much after that, but we decided to try Great America again anyway.  It was warmer, but I felt queasy the whole time, and we left early.

Not the greatest anniversary ever.  Lately, I just feel like everything that can go wrong does.  But you know what?  We still had a good time because we got to spend the whole weekend together.  And really, that's what matters to me in the long run:  knowing that I can have fun even in a shitty situation just because Daniel is there with me.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! that dinner sounded amazing... my mouth literally start watering! hahaha

    Sorry you didn't get to do everything you wanted... bummer it was cold and then you didn't feel well. But at least you guys got to spend some quality time together! :)


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