Monday, April 12, 2010

Search for the Perfect Dress: The One That Got Away (Part 3)

A word to the wise: never try on dresses that are completely out of your price range. Or at least wait until you’ve already found your dress.  When I walked into Gesinee’s Bridal and was asked what my perfect dress would look like, I started describing what I wanted:  pick-ups, sweetheart neckline, princessy look…and then I saw a dress on a manikin which prompted me to continue with “kind of like that.”  I had no idea how much that dress was going to cost when I picked it out, and it’s a good thing I saw the $5,000 price tag before I pulled it over my head because oh my God, it was PERFECT.  Everything I wanted and more.  Sweetheart neckline, pick-up skirt with just the right amount of pick-ups, a small train that could easily be hidden in the dress, beading on the bodice, and just a touch of beading on the skirt.  I was in love.  So was everyone else in the room (none of whom I knew).  If money was no object, I would have bought that dress right then and there.

It’s really unfortunate that I tried that dress on that particular day because as soon as I took it off, we headed up to the $1,000 or less room of Gesinee’s Bridal, and the next dress I tried on was Maggie Sottero’s Monalisa Royale, the dress I am currently thinking I'll buy.  Looking back, I think the Monalisa Royale is actually a much better fit for me anyway.  After that trip, I tried on a lot of dresses that were similar to my love and though none of them had the simple elegance that that dress pulled off so beautifully, the Monalisa Royale is a lot more unique and a lot more me.  Even then I wasn’t thrilled with the bodice of my dream dress, and I think I would have regretted buying it had that ever been an option.  But it was unfortunate that I had no choice but to compare it with Monalisa because if I had tried the latter on any other day, I think I would have seen in a second that it was the dress for me.  At the time, I still loved it, but I was just so enamored with the first dress that I couldn’t see what a perfect fit we were for each other.

Daniel at least could.  Yes, that’s right, I took my fiancé dress shopping with me.  I wanted his opinion.  I wanted to buy a dress that I knew he would like too.  I wanted him to share the moment with me.  I don’t regret the decision though I do regret allowing him to talk on the phone the entire time I had the dream dress on.  But anyway, he loved the Monalisa Royale, and I’m glad that I know he will like the dress he sees me in on the big day, especially since he now claims to not remember what it looks like, so it will still be a bit of a surprise.

I got two things out of this visit.  1.  Never try on a $5,000 dress, except maybe after you’ve already purchased your real dress and preferably after you’re already married.  2.  Gesinee’s Bridal is pretty fucking awesome.  The service isn’t the best I’ve ever had, but I had no complaints either, and this bridal salon is the most extensive I have ever seen.  Keep in mind that I’ve tried on literally hundreds of dresses at more than 10 shops, and I’ve never seen Gesinee’s equal.  I especially like the $1,000 or less room because it keeps you from wasting time with dresses you can’t afford while still providing a great selection.  If you live in the Bay Area, I would definitely recommend checking this place out.

Anyone out there have similar dress issues?


  1. Ummm, where are the pictures??? Must have pictures of the dress!!!

  2. And I don't actually have a picture of the dream dress. I never bring my camera to salons since so many don't let you take pictures, and I don't even know who the designer is.


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