Monday, April 5, 2010

My First Almost Wedding Purchase!

This weekend, I did some major wedding shopping.  While I had no luck finding the bustier/corset that I was looking for, Victoria's Secret did offer me this:

personal photos

In case you can't tell (and with the horrendous quality of my phone's camera, I'm sure you can't), the top of this bathing suit has a ring on it and the bottom says, "newlywed."

I know it's super cheesy, but I love it!  I'm seriously considering buying this.  I'd feel kind of weird about this being my first wedding purchase because while I was planning on buying a white bathing suit for the honeymoon anyway, my wedding still won't be for over a year.  Not only do I not want to have to keep this in a drawer all that time (I don't do well with not wearing clothes right after I buy them), but who knows if I'll still want it then?  Still, I'm thinking about it.

Would you buy it?  Is it too cheesy?  Should I go for something prettier/sexier instead of the obvious choice?

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