Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Fountain....of CHOCOLATE

Ok, so I know I probably shouldn't even be thinking about this now since I have no date or venue or anything set in stone except that I'm getting married, BUT I found this and got really excited about it.  You see, I am kind of a little bit ok maybe more than a little bit obsessed with chocolate.  I loves it.  I loves anything with sugar in it, but chocolate is just better than most sugary items, and I've known from the beginning that I wanted a chocolate fountain at my wedding.  However, I wrote it off as a pipe dream and basically stopped thinking about it.  I figured renting a chocolate fountain would press on our budget too much to bother looking into much.

Oh how wrong I was.  Well, sort of.  RENTING a chocolate fountain would probably cost us over $100 which doesn't suck but with our other dessert plans would be a wait and see kind of deal.  However, BUYING a chocolate fountain wholesale is something else entirely.

I found this baby for a mere $59.99.  It's not huge, but neither is our wedding, so I'm cool with it.  We'd still have to buy chocolate and things to dip in it, but with our other dessert options, we should still be able to get away with spending around $100 total (with tax and shipping), and I am so fine with that if I get to keep the fountain!  That's one wedding decoration that I know I'll use again.

So we're doing this.  For sure.  I haven't even talked to Daniel about it yet, but we're doing it anyway.

Mmmmmm, choooooocolate.

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  1. That is a good idea. And you'll definitely use it again. What a cool find.


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