Monday, April 5, 2010

Pretty, Pretty Pictures

OK, so, uh, truth be told, these pictures are old.  As in, they're from the first time we were engaged.  My friend Laura (who apparently is way more involved in my wedding stuff than even I realized) is an amateur photographer and offered to do an engagement shoot for Daniel and I when we were on Christmas break in 2008.  At the time, I hadn't really started wedding planning at all, and I had barely done any wedding research.  Daniel still didn't even want to hear the word "wedding" let alone help plan or research.  So we pretty much winged it when it came to the pictures.  We didn't even coordinate our clothes.  I just told Daniel he needed a nice shirt, and I put a tiny bit of thought into my dress, but nothing substantial.  When it came to the actual shoot, we were kind of late and kind of missed the "golden hour" lighting Laura was hoping for.  It became a race against the sun just to take pictures while there was still light.

Taking all of that into account, they turned out really well.  Daniel and I are pretty comfortable together, and, well, iPhoto is my friend (oh how I wish I could be friends with photoshop...someday, we will meet, and it will be beautiful).

Before I show you our Balboa Park (in San Diego) engagement shoot, we also took a few pictures the weekend we got engaged.

We got them done in a Sears studio.  Not exciting by wedding standards, but they're cute.  Cuter in person, my scanner is not the greatest thing ever.  But anyway, we'll probably actually use the last one for something.  Everyone really likes that one.

OK, now here are the real engagement pictures.  All photos taken by Laura.  Laura and I have both edited them, and I honestly don't remember who did what.  These are my favorites.

I have many favorites.  I love my pictures.  They may not be done by a professional, but they are creative and interesting and do a great job of expressing the many aspects of our relationship.

Sooooo, what do you think?


  1. Ah, I'm so mad my formatting did not show up! Pretend that the pictures are in an awesome collage format.

  2. I'm glad you posted those. :) I love when you and Dan take pictures. Always fun.

  3. I love the bridge and especially the tree photos! They're beautiful. I wish Andrew and I had thought to do engagement photos before we got married. I think because we were the only ones in our peer group to get married so early we didn't have anyone to bounce ideas off of.


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