Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Groom-inations - #2

I'm Daniel.  I'm the Groom.

This past Sunday Nicole and I went to a wedding expo and that's what I'm going to talk about.  First, I should be more accurate and call it a bridal expo because it was definitely for the brides.  There were almost no men there, not counting the working ones.  I can say counting, because I did try to count.  I almost had to use both hands.  I'm sure I missed some, so I'll estimate there were 10.  It was like swimming in estrogen.  And I do mean swimming.

Why do I mean swimming?  Is the Groom misogynistic?  Nope, I say swimming because it is the closest description I can think of to the physical experience at the expo, swimming through a sea of women.  When you picture a bridal expo, you might picture something open, with a big room and lots of different booths from vendors, photographers, florists, etc.  That's what I pictured.  And Nicole says that the other one she went to was like that.  Not this one though.  Oh, the vendors were there.  Lots of booths.  But open space?  Nope!  The ENTIRE expo was arranged in one gigantic line.  The booths were in a giant snake coil going back and forth so that every single attendee was stuck going past every single booth.  It was sooooo slooooow.  Did not like that part.  Nicole didn't either.  Bad idea by the organizers.

But, wedding expos are not usually like that (I'm told) so I feel like I should discount that part off of my impressions.  What does that leave?  Well, there was some good stuff.  The various florists had pretty amazing displays.  It helped to see things in person to get an idea for what I actually would like to have at my wedding.  We both really liked the flowers that were underwater in jars.  It sounds silly, but it looks really good.  The contests were nice.  Didn't win anything that I know of, but maybe.  Also there was free candy.  Got a few chocolate strawberries.

The bad?  No free cake.  Where's the cake?

Long story short - Bad Expo, but I'd totally go to another one.  Besides, it's fun to take your bride to a bride thing.

Nicole's Note:  The expo we went to was called Bridal Expo Chicago or more generally Bridal Show Expo.  And I definitely wouldn't recommend it.  Like Daniel said, the other one I went to was far superior in setup and free cake options.

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  1. Isn't he cute? Nothing better than having a groom willing to go to bride stuff.


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