Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet the Wedding Party: Everyone Else

FINALLY!  I wrote this months ago and having been waiting until Daniel finished his groomspeople post to share it with you.  And now, the time has finally arrived!

You've met the bridespeoples, you've met the groomspeoples, NOW meet the OTHER PEOPLES!  Woooooo!

Officiant:  Nicole

No, I'm not officiating our wedding!  This Nicole, also know as Andrew's Nicole (as she is married to one of Daniel's groomsmen) and the Other Nicole (though I also hold that title), is the sole reason that Daniel and I know each other at all.  If she hadn't pushed BookWorlds to accept a Harry Potter class and then proceeded to teach said class, Daniel and I never would have met.  He wouldn't have spent time in our class, and I probably wouldn't have decided to teach.  So it seemed fitting to have Nicole be the one to marry us.  But that's not why we chose her.  Due to the chasms of time Daniel and I have spent apart, we haven't had much time to get to know each other's friends considering how long we've been together.  There are a few exceptions, but Nicole is the only one of Daniel's friends that I feel like I have a friendship with that's separate from Daniel.  Since Nicole has spent over 3 years abroad, we've exchanged emails and read each other's blogs so that Nicole and I have had a chance to talk on our own, even if most of it wasn't it person.  Besides, we have a lot in common, not least of which is this:

Nicoles in Front of the ACTUAL WEASLEY CAR!!!!!!

And of course, Nicole and Daniel were already friends.  They taught classes together on Lord of the Rings and have been close for a very long time.  Nicole believes that she and Andrew will one day live across the street from Daniel and I in Berkeley despite my utter refusal to move back.  But it could totally happen somewhere else in the Bay Area if they ever come back to the US!

Flower Girl:  Lizzy

Lizzy is my baby!  All right, she's not actually mine, but she is my favorite baby from the preschool I taught at last year.  She was usually the last baby there in the evenings, and we got to spend a lot of time one-on-one as a result which was great for me because Lizzy is an amazing kid.  Incredibly precocious and inquisitive, Lizzy is as exceptional as she is adorable...and she's pretty darn adorable.  Her mom is amazing too, and she's flying the two of them out all the way from Chicago for Lizzy to be my flower girl!  After I casually told Mom that I wanted to have Lizzy as my flower girl, we played a long game of "I'm serious if you are," and they are officially going to make it out.  Both of them are great people, and we've managed to keep in touch since I left which I'm very grateful for, partly because I'll have the cutest flower girl ever!

There will be other important people involved with the wedding.  Like, I don't know, our parents maybe.  But we had to draw the line somewhere, and I drew it at people standing up there with us during the ceremony.

How did you choose your officiant?  Did you have a friend do it like us or a religious figure or something else?  And are there any other brides out there who did not choose a family member as their flower girl?


  1. Your flower girl is A.Dor.Able. And your officiant isn't bad either! ;)

    I'm so excited to marry you guys and I still can't believe you chose to honor me with such a big part in your wedding. I promise I won't let you guys down!

  2. And that is why we chose you :).


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