Friday, March 25, 2011

Invitations are not worth stressing out over. So why am I doing it anyway?

Guys, I feel like a first-class idiot right now.

Remember when I said I didn't care about invitations?  Apparently, I was lying.

The invitation I showed you before did not look so good in print.

The colors of the printed version can only be described as bleak.  Daniel noticed it right away and did not want something so sad to represent our wedding.  Can't really argue with that.

The other sample we got from was much happier.

It's a little darker in print too, but it works.  Daniel really liked this one, but it just didn't feel like our wedding to me.  I like the design, but I just don't like it enough.  So we started looking for other invitations.

Unfortunately, I could not find anything nearly as cheap as  The ones we did find and like only barely fit into our budget and would not allow us to use our invitation budget to cover thank you cards also.  Nonetheless, we really liked some of them.

I absolutely love this one.  Even though it's not directly related to our wedding, the water colors sort of feel like the ocean, and it really stands out which I love.  However, Daniel thinks it's not really our wedding, so we scrapped this one.

Daniel really liked this one, but it feels too wintery to me.  Maybe if it was a different blue, but as it is, we scrapped this one as well.

And then there's this one.  Despite the fact that it is in no way related to the theme, colors, or feel of our wedding, we both fell quickly for it.  You can put your own picture too which is pretty cool.  If price were not an issue, we would have ordered it already.

Unfortunately, price is an issue.  Regardless of our budget, we should be going for a cheap invite because it's something neither of us cares much about.  But because I am a first-class idiot, I cannot seem to let go of the invitations I actually like for the cheap one that is only OK.  The swirly blue one above would cost us much less than $100 for the invitations and response cards.  The one we really like is almost $200 even with the huge discount they sent us.  There's no way we can justify spending that much with a perfectly fine option that is so much cheaper.

And yet, and yet, I can't let go and just get the cheap one.  I just can't.  It's not even that I really dislike it.  It's fine.  But because it's my goddamn wedding, fine isn't good enough for me because I'm an idiot.  Even for the stupid invitations that I don't care about, I still want them to be good and unique and memorable.  Because I'm an idiot.

I have some ideas about how to make it work with getting some cooler invitations without spending quite so much, but I really shouldn't be wasting time looking for and ordering more samples, and it would be much better for me to learn to let go.

And yet...I just can't seem to do it.

If you know of any really cheap invitation places/websites, I'd love to hear about them.  We really need invitations and response cards together to be $150 or less.  And if you can knock some sense into my stupid, stubborn brain, that would be good too.


  1. This might be too cheapy for you, but have you looked into the post office? We did our STDs post-card style, and it cost us less than 50 cents/each, plus delivery. They might have bigger sizes you could do for invitations, and instead of having them delivered, you could get them printed and mail them yourself. Then you could design them yourself, too.

  2. We got an Etsy designer to do ours for less than $150 (granted, we only had about 50 to order). I like Etsy because you know you have something only a handful of other people have, and there is a price point for every budget!

  3. Do it! Buy the expensive ones! No Regrets!


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