Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Becoming an Adult

I got a job!  Actually, I got 4 job offers over the weekend because I'm spiffy like that, and I've accepted 2 of them for the time being.

This is radically different from job hunting last year.  Not only did I get a plethora of offers mere weeks after I started applying, I'm going to be working at jobs I actually want!  And from what I've experienced so far, I'll be working with good people who have their shit together.  Crazy!

So I started the main job this week.  I'll be teaching kids' gymnastics as part of a movement skills development program, and my boss has been telling me a lot about growth opportunities.  Because for the first time at a job, they're actually available, and it's a job I think I may actually stay at for a while.  The franchise is even international.  So my boss has me thinking about careers now, a subject I have been avoiding like the neighborhood cat avoids our pool for the last few years.  And I could actually make some sort of career out of this.  Maybe.

But then, I feel sort of weird about that.  Having gone to Berkeley, I have come to expect either an artsy elitist sort of career or the kind that involves wearing a suit and making lots of money.  Obviously, I haven't tended toward either in my job choices thus far, but it's hard to have gone to all the trouble of schooling to do something that doesn't even require a bachelor's degree.  You know, on a permanent basis.

But I am getting way ahead of myself anyway.  And I should probably be much more concerned with whether I like working here since it would be a first if I did.  Career choices don't have to happen yet, right?

Sigh.  Becoming an adult is hard.  At least one of us knows what he wants to do.  And at least I have a job that I think I'll actually like.

P.S.  I may not be here much longer because my other job is teaching kids to build using LEGOs.  Daniel says once I actually start getting paid to play with LEGOs, he is going to kill me, so if I disappear without a trace, you'll know why.


  1. Of course I have to kill her if she gets a career not just using legos, but being paid to play with them! That's just not fair. I was an awesome lego spaceship artist for at least 10 years. If I had known it was possible to make a living playing with Legos, I wouldn't have bothered going to law school!

  2. Congratulations on your two job offers! That's awesome! I would love to work with kids again, I sit behind a computer all day and it kinda sucks (but I think you know how that goes!). Your jobs sound like lots of fun! And I'm a firm believer that if you stick somewhere long enough, and you enjoy what you do, you'll go far.. neither of which is true for my current job, unfortunately, but yours really do sound like winners!

  3. This is basically my job now! Careers! And I want you to know ... there are so many resources and books out there for people who want to change when they are older. You are not destined to stay with one career you're entire life. And if you like what you are doing, just keep doing it, and growing! The important part is personal fulfillment ... not expectations coming out of college. :)

  4. I completely understand your inner turmoil. I, too, cannot decide what the heck I'm going to do with my life. I'm hoping inspiration will come to me someday.

    On the plus side, your recent job success has given me hope! Maybe I'll have a chance when I get to the U.S...


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