Saturday, March 12, 2011

Organization Is My Friend

You may have noticed from my lack of enthusiastic posting lately that I've been in a bit of a wedding hiatus.  Between surgery, recovery, moving, and the bar exam, the wedding just has not been a high priority.  But now I can feel the clock ticking with ever-increasing voracity, and now that we are, if not settled, at least at a permanent residence (permanent = 1 year in Nicoleland), it is time to kick the wedding stuff into high geer.

And so this week I set out to take care of some things that should have been taken care of long ago.  Among these are a complete list of everything that must be done before and during the wedding and a complete spreadsheet with all of our foreseeable expenses.

Most bloggers I know describe themselves as having a "type-A" personality.  I hate this phrase.  Mostly because I hate the kinds of tests that determine these things.  However, the shoe fits in my case.  I need order, I need structure, and I need organization, or I just get frustrated.

Now that I have everything written down and sorted, I feel much better about this whole wedding business, and I am ready to tackle my Knot list.  Especially since we now have a thorough and comprehensive budget that actually puts us within our means.  Yay for not going over budget!

Today:  order.  Tomorrow:  invitations, registries, honeymoon, and bridesmaid dresses.

And job applications.

What helps you keep from being overwhelmed?  Is there a system you use(d) to help you remember everything?

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  1. I am so bad about organization. I think of things I need to do and write it down on a random piece of paper or electronic calendar and then never look at it again/lose it. I do like to set deadlines for myself and I just have to trust that everything will get done! :)


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