Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Budget Envy

Sometimes I get jealous of people who obviously have higher budgets than we do.  Not even high budgets, just average (average = $25,000, apparently).

I am all for everyone using whatever funds they have at their disposal for their wedding and am totally happy that they can have what we cannot.  And I've got to admit, I would feel like I failed somehow if we were spending any more than we are.  Because weddings are so ridiculously expensive, and I feel like if I can do it well for less, I should.

Still, when I see posts about people's pre-packaged ball rooms with chivari chairs, color-coordinated napkins, and fancy centerpieces included, it makes me think about the wedding I really wanted to have.  The wedding with a perfect ocean view, no budget for my dress, an open bar all night, a week-long honeymoon at Sandals Grand Caribbean, and large, cascading flowery centerpieces.  The wedding where we could order colored napkins and round tables even though they're extra and pay for someone else to make the centerpieces (working on flowers = much thought of centerpieces).  Or at least the wedding that would allow us to pay for everyone's parking or ship our guests over to Catalina (yes, I still dream about having the wedding there, so shoot me).

Our wedding is going to be beautiful, unique, very us, and much, much nicer than I thought it would be.  I'm very satisfied with the amount our budget has settled at, and I'm so grateful for everything we're going to have.  Our wedding will be almost everything I wanted it to be.


Sometimes, I just wish we could actually have "the dream."

At least for the ceremony location.

Oh well.

Sorry about the ranty, disjointed posting of today.  I'm blogging under the influence of exhaustion and do not care enough to wait to post until sober.

Thoughts?  Agreement?  Empathy?  Sympathy?  Shut up you bitchy whiner?


  1. I'm not getting married any time soon. But you know I hear ya. Definitely trying to get over it and be happy with what I have.

  2. I totally understand. We are on a tight budget ourselves. But one thing I want to remind you of, whenever you see these rich, expensive weddings, is that the day is truly about marrying your soulmate, not all the fluff behind it. This day is just a small part of the rest of your lives together :)

  3. There's always the 50th anniversary!

  4. @Andrew: Yeah, that thought has definitely crossed my mind, decided it was a nice place, and moved in. I'd probably go for the 10th anniversary though. Gotta look good in that dress, haha.


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