Saturday, February 20, 2010

About Us

I could write an entire blog just about Daniel's and my relationship. It's been interesting. Especially on paper.

The story of how we met is complicated in itself and requires explanation. We both went to Berkeley. Berkeley has a program called Decal (Democratic Education at Cal) which allows undergraduates to teach courses to other undergraduates, and everybody gets credit for it. Operating within Decal (slowly plotting to take over their website and become the only source for Decals in the school, mwahahaha) is a club called BookWorlds which teaches Decals about fantasy and sci-fi literature, and that is how Daniel and I met. It was my first day of the Harry Potter class, and Daniel, the current Thain (or for you less fantasy educated folk, President) of BookWorlds, walked into the classroom and gave a speech about how underrated fantasy literature was and how BookWorlds was trying to remedy that. The little freshman fantasy-lover was spellbound looking into those sparkling eyes, feeling like someone finally understood her passion for books like Harry Potter, and all I could think was "Wow, I wish he wasn't so much older than me."

We'll ignore the fact that I was in a relationship at that point and that Daniel had recently had quite the nasty break-up because we didn't start dating until four months had passed. In fact, we started dating a week-and-a-half before I went home for the summer, 400 miles away. We're real suave like that. The first summer that we were long distance, well, let's just say I never want to drive through the San Joaquin Valley again. When I went back to school, we had a brief stint as a normal couple before we moved in together (keep in mind that at this point we had been together for only 7 months, and I was only 19).

And then things got difficult. In August of 2007, Daniel left for law school in Chicago, and I left to study abroad in England. We didn't see each other for four months. Not fun. Thus ensued 2 years of long distance relationship. For most of it, I was at Berkeley, and he was in Chicago, but we did at least live together during the summers. Daniel officially (long story) proposed on September 14, 2008. The aftermath is very complicated, but let's just say I had a major meltdown while trying to figure out what I wanted my life to be about, and I broke it off on Valentine's Day weekend of 2009 while I was freaking out and needed to not have my future set in stone for a little while. I know that sounds really bad, but it really wasn't about us, and neither of us ever thought we weren't going to get married, I just wasn't ready to have to think about it at that point. In May, we moved back in together and have been living in Chicago since while Daniel finishes his law degree.

Anyway, I proposed to him on Christmas Eve 2009, and now we are happily engaged again, looking to get married during the summer of 2011. In our minds and for all practical (non-legal) purposes, we're already married. The wedding is more of a day of celebration and making it official than something that will actually change our relationship. By that I mean we've already done everything that married couples do except have kids, and we act like a married couple already, and if for some reason we were to break up, both of us would consider it divorce. For us, the wedding is just another way to show how much we care for each other and an excuse to have a rockin' party.

As a couple, we are partners in silliness above all else (I seriously think this is the most important part of our relationship, haha). We enjoy spending A LOT of time together. We're sort of an old married couple already because we enjoy a nice dinner and a good glass of wine much more than a party or club, and we really don't have a problem with spending Friday night in front of the TV together. We still like to go on dates, we intend to become wine snobs, we both really want a much later date, we play Munchkin on a weekly basis, and we are very proud of spending 17 hours at Disneyland in one day. There's so much that I could say, and I probably lost your attention long ago, but that should give you a pretty decent image of us as a couple.

OK, enough of that business, on to the fun stuff!

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