Sunday, February 20, 2011

Overcoming the Stress Monster

For more than two weeks, I've been packing to leave for San Jose.  For the first time in years, I'm actually on top of it.  And STILL I had a bunch of crap to do at the end and got super stressed out.  I mean, like, really stressed out.

In a word, I snapped.

At everyone in my house, that is.

Who had done absolutely nothing wrong and had in fact been offering their help for weeks.

And now I feel really bad.

Anyway, I bring this up because I think this is good practice for the week of the wedding.  No matter how on top of it I am, and let's face it, I haven't been on top of wedding stuff lately, it's going to be stressful at the end.

And I cannot let what happened today happen then.  That would be really bad for me, the groom, and everyone around us.

But the one thing I can say for myself is that I cooled down quickly.  Normally, when something like this happens, it ruins my day.  Not today.  I cried, I screamed...and I calmed down.  I apologized.  I moved on.

It's a good first step.

Next stop:  not letting it happen in the first place.


  1. Ohhhh yeah, no matter how calm, cool, and collected you think you are gonna be, you can never predict emotions in times of stress. Dave and I were like, "We aren't going to bicker. We aren't that type of couple." And we were bickering right till the end. Emotions are a bitch! I think the key is how you en the fight, snap, tiff, whatever. I read this one relationship book that said its healthy to fight or snap but its how things are resolved that determine the healthiness of the relationship and I fully believe that. Here's to hoping things don't become too stressful for you, of course!

  2. I think I am going to be this way for real. I just have a tendency to get snippy. I am working on it...but if I blow up, it will be ok - my friends love me anyway! Although, I will try not to. ;-)

  3. This has been on my mind too! I really don't want to turn the week before the wedding into a stressball/cryfest/bitchfest/scream at all my loved ones time. Its going to be important to just try and lettttt it all go. But certainly easier said than done!


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