Monday, February 7, 2011


I am here to announce that FINALLY, 14 months into our engagement and 7 months before the wedding, we OFFICIALLY have a ceremony location!

God, we are so sad.

In our defense, our initial plan fell through, so we had to wait until we could go back up there to find another one, and I had surgery right after that, so things were kind of working against us.

But being 400+ miles from our wedding will plague us no longer because Daniel got a job, and we are moving to San Jose in 2 weeks.

Much, much closer to the wedding.  I am definitely relieved for that.

But for now, let me introduce you to our ceremony spot.

This is where I will start the walk down the aisle.  Hopefully, my dress and shoes will get along with the stairs.

This is the main lawn where we will set up chairs.
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And this is the view our guests will have as we get married.  Except the trees will not be dead during the summer, and we'll probably angle it away from the pier.

It's not the ocean, and it's not perfect, but it will do nicely.  Especially because it is way cheaper than it could be.  We like it.

How sad are we?  Was there anything important that you could not seem to get done?


  1. Where is this, exactly?

    And YAY for Daniel's job. Andrew says he approves of San Jose. It'll be close enough to the Bay Area when we eventually move back there.

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