Saturday, February 26, 2011

Running of the Tables

When we went to visit Guayma's, I was a bit sad to discover that we are going to have to have long tables instead of round ones.

I know a lot of you love long tables, but I'm just not on that bandwagon.  I like round tables.  I think it's so much easier to talk to people when sitting in the round, an idea proved repeatedly in my BookWorlds classes in college.  Besides, round table are cute.

But this is how it has to be, and there are some advantages.  I was starting to envision floral arrangements that would work better with long tables anyway, but the biggest advantage is now we have an excuse to get table runners.

I used to think table runners were stupid, but I have since grown rather fond of them, and they work way better with long tables than round in my opinion.

I'm not positive I want to take on making fabric ones.  And by "making," I mean selling my first born to a friend who can sew so that she'll do it for me.  But I'm thinking there might be alternatives, like a line of flower petals along the table perhaps.

This might be kind of cute too:

Wrapping paper table runners.  Cute, huh?  This would be cheap and easy, and I'm definitely a fan of that.

However, with the right kind of fabric, they could look quite nice.

I rather like the way my friend Laura's worked out:

Lace wouldn't really work for us, but they're cute, and the color is about what we would be looking for.

These are cute too:

The sheer blue feels sort of watery to me which definitely works for us, and it makes them look a bit different.

Anyway, I don't know if we'll do it or not.  This is a project I wouldn't mind falling by the wayside if we run out of time/money, but it would still add a nice touch to the tables.

Thoughts on table runners?  Worth it?  What kind would/did you do?


  1. They are way cute and a nice touch to decor. I made a post about table runners too, and I totally thought I'd do them until I realized they'd involve, like actual work. And then I was like "Oh, nevermind." But I think they are especially nice on round tables!

  2. We wanted round tables too so I don't think table runners will look ok..but think the do on the long tables. I like the first picture you posted with all white!


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