Friday, August 27, 2010

Weddings That Might Actually Be: Catalina

Guys, guys, I'm so excited!  And not just because I'm finally moving back to California!  I'm looking at a venue that I really think might work out really well for us.

OK, you need some background.  There is an island off the coast of California called Santa Catalina, and I have been going there with my family every summer since I was born.  I think I may have mentioned this at some point, so sorry if any of the information repeats.  Anyway, obviously since it's an island, it has awesome ocean views, and it has deep sentimental value for me.  Many, many amazing memories.  At first I didn't mention having the wedding there because I thought it would be too unequal for us to get married somewhere that was so very a "me" place, but eventually I started looking into it just cuz why not, and when I mentioned it to Daniel, he thought it was a great idea!  So then I started looking into it for real.

Now,  Catalina basically has two towns, and I'm using "towns" to denote "places that people live" because while Avalon is a real town, Two Harbors consists of one restaurant, one quick-stop eatery, a small general store, bathrooms/showers, and one small hotel.  That's about it.  My family hates Avalon on principle as it is super touristy and against the entire point of getting away to the island.  So naturally, I wanted to have my wedding at Two Harbors.

I'm sure you can see how this could be a problem.  Tiny town plus 80 guests = what do I do with them all?  So when I first looked into Catalina weddings, I looked to Avalon because I knew they could accommodate us.  That was way too expensive.  Not happening.

I figured I'd just wait until I got back to CA and just went on vacation at Two Harbors before talking to the coordinator there since their email address isn't listed on their website, but my mom beat me to it, and they sent me the menu and pricing info.

And you know what?  Getting married in Two Harbors is cheap!  Like, seriously cheap.  I'm so amazed at how doable it is for us.  Now, granted, we'll probably have to rent out the Banning House (the hotel) and we have to get everyone there and back neither of which will be cheap, but still, I'm so excited that this is at least possible!

So now I'm waiting to hear back from the coordinator to see if fitting 80 people on that island is actually feasible.  And I'm not 100% sure I want to deal with the greatly increased stress/chances of things going wrong that would come with an island-based wedding.  But the excitement I feel at the prospect of getting married there is making me think I'll take the risk.

Pretty picture time!  I don't have a ton of Catalina pictures with me, but here's what I do have:

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That's all Fourth of July Cove which is not actually where we would get married, but it's close, and it all looks pretty similar.  Here is more or less the view we would actually have if we got married at the Banning House:

Right?  Right?  So awesome, so very awesome.  I really hope this works out!


  1. I love, love, love Catalina!!! I hope you end up getting married there just so I can see the pictures! LOL. I thought about looking there when we first started planning but the Mister put his foot down. He was worried about getting sea sick on the trip out to the island.

  2. That would a problem. Are you a boater? Where do you go? I hardly know anyone else who goes to Catalina a lot.

  3. Catalina is great. I've only been there once, as a tween, but I loved it. So beautiful. Unfortunately I've only been to the Avalon side. I imagine the non-touristy bit is even prettier. I'm sure there will be tons for people to do on Catalina - glass bottom boats, bonfires, chillaxin', bicycle rides. It would be a really good time! Mrs. Pashmina on Weddingbee got married there and she is just starting her recaps!

  4. wow this could be AMAZING!! love it!

  5. This would be awesome! I've never been to Catalina and would be pleased to get the chance to go there! ;) One thing to think about: how would you get everyone there? Hire one ferry and shuttle everyone at a specific time? What about the (inevitable) latecomers? How long does it take to cross over?

  6. @Nicole: Believe me, I'm thinking about it. That is the most likely reason for us not to have it there.

  7. that is so cool!! i remember going there in school and i loved it.


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