Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ode to Buttercream

Never have I know the true taste of buttercream until now.

If you live in Chicago and have not been to Molly's Cupcakes, stop what you're doing, turn off your computer, and go now.  Seriously.  It's that good.

My first taste of Molly's was a tiny bit of buttercream frosting that had rubbed off on the side of the box, just a small smidgen if you will, hardly even a taste for normal frosting.  But the second that baby taste of frosting hit my tongue, my mouth exploded with flavor.  I could actually taste the butter and the cream, separate entities yet inextricably entwined to create the greatest flavor of frosting I have ever had.  Not joking, not exaggerating, best buttercream I have ever tasted, and I have eaten A LOT of buttercream in my life.

Next to that explosive taste experience, the otherwise delectable cake seemed like a little bit of a letdown...until I realized it was filled with berry jelly.  The mixture of incredible buttercream, moist but strong cake worthy of holding sweet filling, and fresh berries on top, adding a tang to the sweetness, made for the best cupcake I have ever eaten.

This is no light matter.  I have been thoroughly taken in by the cupcake craze.  In every city I have lived since discovering that not all cupcakes taste like lard, I have made an effort to find the best cupcakes available.  And even though I have slacked off in Chicago due to lack of funds and overwhelming options, I am confident in saying that it is very unlikely that you will find better cupcakes than Molly's.

If you are getting married in Chicagoland, especially if you are having cupcakes at your wedding, I WILL hunt you down if you do not at least try Molly's Cupcakes.

Now someone please tell me where I can find cupcakes like this in Southern California!

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  1. Yum! I haven't lived in CA for 3 years but I want to know this too!


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