Friday, August 6, 2010


I got my very first free wedding item today.

I have a friend at work who got married about a year ago and is still really into wedding stuff (she DIY her flowers, cake, and a bunch of other stuff), so we've spent a lot of time talking about weddings (aren't you happy about where your tax dollars are going?).  Turns out, she had some wedding stuff left over from her wedding, and she let me go through it and take whatever I wanted.

The result?  I'm trying to downsize on my amount of stuff for the cross-country move I'm about to embark on, but I did take one item that I might use:

Photo by Dana Gerber

Bubbles!  As you can see, I'm rather a fan of bubbles.  I don't even know if we're going to do a "big exit" kind of deal, especially since we're not leaving for the honeymoon the night of or anything, but if we do, I would totally give everybody bubbles to blow at us.  Besides, we're going to have some kids at the wedding, and I'm sure bubbles would help entertain them throughout the night (because I totally won't be dancing with them the whole time instead of my other guests and new husband.... :D).

Are you doing a grand exit?  What are you doing for it?


  1. What about for your exit down the aisle? Or your entrance at the cocktail hour or dinner? I love that the kids will get to play with them!

  2. My mom had bubbles at her wedding as favors. They were kind of useless, actually. No one used them at the reception as they were supposed to, and my mom was left with a bunch of tacky wedding-cake-shaped bubble containers that she had no use for: That said, if you're gonna go with bubbles, make sure you have a clear and specific use for them, and make sure your guests know when to use them. Also, the bubbles and wands you get at wedding shops are usually bad-quality, so make sure you get ones that actually work!


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