Monday, August 23, 2010


Just so you know, I am in the process of moving back to California from Chicago and have every intention of going on vacation as soon as I get there.  Thus, I will be pretty MIA for the next few weeks.  HOWEVER, please do not abandon me as I will try to post a few times while in the moving process, and when I get back to CA, I will FINALLY be able to make some real wedding planning progress!

 Photo by Laura


  1. Hooray! We are in the process of moving to CA too! Next month, actually. Just curious, where in CA are you going to move to? We are gonna live in L.A. for a month and then make a permanent move up to San Francisco!

  2. I'm from Cypress, just south of Long Beach. I don't know where exactly you are, but I went to school in Los Alamitos if that means anything to you. And I went to college at Berkeley, so I am definitely familiar with San Francisco as well. We might be moving back up there eventually, but for now, we're going to take advantage of free rent at my parents' house.

    Are you actually from LA or do you just say LA so people know where you're talking about?

  3. Yay, my picture! I miss that time. We must have an adventure when you get back. When, exactly, do you get in?

  4. That was a great trip, and we definitely must have another! I don't really know when I'll actually get there, and I'm planning on going on vacation as soon as I get there, so I probably won't be available until mid-September. However, we will definitely be trekking down to San Diego to see Daniel's mom, so I'll call you when I find out when that will be, and we can hang out.

  5. Nicole, I grew up in and my parent's live in Torrance. We are staying at their house for a month while Dave gets used to American life and culture and then we are gonna move up and get a place in the city!


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