Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can You Feel the Love Tonight: The Walk

Our ceremony decorations were pretty simple.  We had a flower arch, some tulle, and some rose petals, but that was about it.  For grandeur, we relied heavily on the scenery.

*All photos by Stephen Cheng Photography*

Our other point of grandeur was the aisle.

We were to walk down a full two flights of stairs, across a field, and then finally down the petaled aisle.  It was a task, to be sure, and I made sure to prepare for it.

Choosing the wedding party's song was pretty easy.  I had heard "We're Better Together" on a number of wedding-related sites when I started my wedding research, and it seemed like the perfect song to send our peeps down the aisle.

Lizzy, the flower girl, went first.

Since two-year-old legs are definitely not as long as everyone's else's, we had Lizzy start at the bottom of the stairs, so she wouldn't tucker out halfway down the aisle.

Lizzy was doing a great job, but when she reached the flower petals on the ground, she did the funniest thing.  She stopped.  She didn't want to step on them!

Now, the day before, we had exhaustively tried to teach her how to throw petals out of her basket, and she finally got the idea.  What we didn't know was that she also got the idea that the petals belonged to her.  So instead of continuing down the aisle, she tried to pick up the petals to put in her basket!  Finally, her mom helped her continue down the aisle, throwing her petals, but at the end, she stopped to pick up the ones she had thrown out!

It was hilarious.  I so wish I had been able to see it, but no one caught it on tape, so I heard all this second hand.  Still, I can picture it, and it is so funny.

Then it was time for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Bridesmaid and Groomsman

Best Bro (trying so hard not to smile) and Groomslady

Maid of Honor and Best Man

And then it was my turn.

I had both my parents walk me down the aisle.  I would not have felt right having only one since both are so important in my life.  It ended up being a good thing too because I had two people to help me down those stairs.

Choosing a song for me was a lot harder.  I went back and forth for months.  I came very close to doing Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World.  But in the end, another song fit better:

I never used to be a Beatles fan, but ever since we got Beatles Rock Band, their world has opened up to me.  "Here Comes the Sun" already had special meaning for both of us.

I think my parents were more nervous than I was because they kept walking super fast!  I had to tell them several times to slow down.  It was kind of funny.  Afterwards, one of my friends said that I looked as scared and excited as she had ever seen me while I was walking down the aisle, but I felt calm.  And happy.  After all our hard work, this was happening!

Now, what wasn't happening was my dress being nice.  I knew I'd have to hold it up walking down the stairs, but I had tested it out on grass before and had no trouble walking.  Maybe the park had longer grass or something because I kept almost stepping on it.  I ended up holding the skirt until we got to the flower petals and then really trying to go slowly so that I wouldn't trip on the dress.  Maybe that's what made me look partly scared while I walked down the aisle.

Before we knew it, the aisle was over.  I gave my parents a hug and went off to make myself a new family.

Why did you choose your processional songs?  Did you have anyone besides your father walk you down the aisle?  How did you feel when that moment finally arrived?

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  1. When I heard "Here Comes the Sun" ... that's what made me start to tear up! It was perfect :)


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