Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can You Feel the Love Tonight: Just You and Me

After we sent the wedding party off to help set up the ceremony site with (very) detailed instructions, Daniel and I headed off to take some pictures just the two of us.

We spent days searching for picture spots.  Marin shows the true beauty of all that is California--from redwoods to mountains to the ocean--but most of its picturesque locations take time to get to, more time than we had.  Still, we managed to do well for ourselves.

We started at Blackie's Pasture where we had met the bridal party.  This strip of park holds a special place in our hearts because it is where we would have gotten married if the city of Tiburon was not filled with sadistic, empty-headed drones (a chair is not a structure, assholes!).

We got a few good pictures there, but as we got away from the wedding, my mood improved and so did the pictures.  You can see how they progress as we both started to relax.

Next stop: our one location shoot spot.  I wish we could have taken pictures all day, but obviously, that wasn't an option, so we went somewhere easy to get to but still awesome.

And really, you can't get married this close to the Golden Gate Bridge without snatching a few photos with it.

Nearby, there was a pier overlooking the bay and San Francisco with better lighting than the bridge, so we headed that-a-way.

Hello, San Francisco

The pier is where we really started to relax and just be ourselves.  It has some of our favorite pictures from the day.

 My Favorite Wedding Day Picture

And really, what is the point of a professional photographer if you're not going to have silly pictures?  Some of these will definitely be framed.

 Our Relationship Encapsulated

 Our Relationship Better Encapsulated

Alas, too soon it was time to head back to the ceremony site.  You know, to actually get married and stuff.

Oh My!  It's Time!

Did you leave extra time to get pictures of the two of you?  Did you find a location ahead of time or go with the flow?  And most importantly, what were your favorite pictures of the day?


  1. These pictures of you guys with the city are EPIC! Totally frame-worthy. Couldn't have picked a better back drop :)

  2. Agreed -- breathtaking views... you'd think they'd be photoshopped but they look too perfect!! I hope you make a wonderful collage of these :)


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