Saturday, February 4, 2012

Can You Feel the Love Tonight: Boys Being Boys

Whilst I was getting pretty, the boys had started taking pictures.  Aaaaand since we ran late, they got a chance to take quite a few.  At least something good came out of our tardiness cuz I bet they never would have achieved this level of awesomeness without the extra time.

All photos courtesy of Steven Cheng Photography.

We start with the standard portraits.

And things quickly get a little silly.
 I always knew Daniel and his best man had a special relationship, so I'm glad they got their own affair out of the way before we got married ;).

The Boys Strutting Their Stuff (their words)

Their Honeymoon Was Short

Getting It on with the Officiant and Groomsman

Then they started jumping.

 I call this one, "The Grasshoppers"

Now We're Jumping!

I love jumping bridal pictures.  I wish I had gotten some with me in them, but I'm glad the boys got some at least.  And they are quite hilarious.

Then came the cool, artsy pictures.

The Tree Pics Were Freaking Awesome!

Pretty Daniel!

Some of these pictures are my favorites of the day, so I'm glad they had plenty of time to get them.

Were there any accidents you had that worked out well for someone else?  What "types" of wedding pictures did you dream of recreating?  And of course, serious pictures vs. fun pictures:  go!

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