Friday, February 17, 2012

Can You Feel the Love Tonight: It's Picture Time, Boys and Girls!

After our first look, we took a few more shots just the two of us and then grabbed our peeps to start with the wedding party.

Since we were running behind, we did not have as much time to get bridal party pictures as I would have liked, but we still got some good shots.

We started out with the serious photos.

The Groom's Party
Me and My Ladies

And of course I had to get some individual shots with the girls.

My MOH and I went the sweet route:

Aaaaaand then there was my other bridesmaid:


Then my brother entered the scene.  I should probably preface this by saying that my brother and I are very different people.  Growing up, I was the feminine ballet dancer who turned cheerleader in middle school and high school, was sweet and quiet and, for lack of a better word, square.  Cody is a musician whose work echos Bob Dylan, changes his appearance on a bi-annual basis, and spurns human contact not provided by his girlfriend.  I'll save you two thousand words.  This is me:

And this is Cody:

But of course we've known each other forever (in his case, literally), and we were really close growing up, so we've worked out our own way of taking pictures.  Without these, my wedding day would have felt incomplete.

 The picture Cody always takes that makes my parents ask where they went wrong.

 Human Emotion = Weakness

 "Really?  You really made me dress up in a tux?  STOP SMILING!"

"Oh, it's on!"

Ah, brotherly love.  In spite of what you see, we love each other very much, and these are some of my favorite pictures of the day because they are just so real (though the picture where I got Cody to smile is my real favorite of us because it's just so unique!).

Did you do more serious pictures or fun pictures?  Which do you like better?

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  1. Bahaha!!! I love the non-word juxtaposition of the difference between you and Cody. Well done. :)

    I love them all! Your life is full of play whenever you can, and I think it's lovely that your pictures reflect that. :)


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