Sunday, May 15, 2011


Already, response cards are pouring in.  In fact, we got our first couple a mere 5 days after we mailed them!  It's so nice to have such prompt answers.

And yet, I can feel the laggers looming already.  People have told me that they are waiting to respond until they think of a good mad lib, and while that is pretty awesome, I also wonder how long they will wait.  FFIL also told us that he will not be returning his response card because he only has one son and wants to keep the entire invitation suite as a souvenir.  My response?  You owe us 44 cents!  All right, not really, we're going to send him another one, so he will give us his response card.

I'm already glad that we put out the effort to make return address labels because the very first card we got back did not have the couple's names on it.  There seems to be some general confusion about where the names go among that younger crowd, so I'm glad we'll have the return address labels when others forget to write their names.

I'm so happy we were inspired to do Mad Lib invitations at the last minute!  Already, we've gotten some great responses.  Here are my favorites so far (with names withheld for obvious reasons):

'Zooks!  I am chuffed to be invited!  M is barmy to attend.  No one is miffed to decline.

Gadzooks!!! (author's note:  why look!  A trend has started!)  We are titillated to be invited!  D and M are electrified to attend.

Hooray!  We are jazzed to be invited!  Monsieur/Madame are aflame! to attend.

And I have no idea what this means, but it sounds cool anyway:

Coads-nigs!!  We are insangelous to be invited!  We are callipygian to attend.

Once we have them all, we've going to make a scrapbook with everyone's responses.  Should be a lot of fun to look back on years from now.

Did you do anything special for your response cards?  Did people write nice notes to you?


  1. How exciting to have them continually arriving! Sounds like you're close to your big day! And I haven't heard of the mad lib idea.. so cute!

  2. Love the idea of using mad libs! What a creative way to add some personality to a response card!


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