Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Really Not Safe for Work Post

Seriously.  Definitely not safe for work.  In fact, not really safe for me to have pictures like this on the internet.  But then, I wear way less to the beach.  Anyway.

I've had quite a difficult time trying to find a bra for the wedding.  My cleavage level has never really lived up to my hopes, and I really wanted to have SOMETHING there for the wedding.

My first thought was a corset.  A real corset.  Yeah, I can live with the discomfort for a day if it means awesome boobage and a tiny waist.  It would have worked really well too were it not for 2 problems.

This was the kind of corset I was going for.

Corsets are pretty expensive.  In order to get one that was worth buying, I would have to pay over $200, and I just don't have it.  The other problem made me feel better about the first.  Corsets have pretty high backs, and my dress has a low one.  There was no corset I could buy that wouldn't show.

With the corset option gone, I started looking for a bustier.  I went to every department store and major bra store I could find.  In multiple cities.  And let me tell you, it is not easy to find a good, expensive bustier.  Most of them didn't do anything for me.  Some actually made things worse.  But finally, after over a year of searching, I found this:

Personal Photo

This one is from Frederick's of Hollywood, a store I do not usually spend much time in but that was the most helpful in faking it.  The first store I went to was small and didn't have anything useful, but I finally tried another one and found the best bustier I had tried.  It still doesn't provide much cleavage, but I think I'm going to stick something in there to help prop them up more.

There was one other option I found.  Multiple people in the wedding world recommended this bustier:

It's from Le Mystere, and it is the bustier I probably should have gotten.  The thing is, I couldn't find it at ANY actual store, and I don't like ordering that kind of thing online because most doesn't fit me.  But in the end, it was too expensive for me to justify anyway.  I'll have to make it work with Federick's.

And so my boobs have become casualties of the budget.  Somehow, I think I'll get over it.

What did you do about underthings for the wedding?  Were you going for outer appeal like me or did you wear something special for your groom?


  1. i was an outer appeal kind of gal... a corset would have shown through my dress so I went with a NuBra and Laser-cut thong- bought them both from Her Room

  2. I wore a decent corset that I bought from Fredericks. It ended up being necessary to squeeze me into my dress, which was a little tight anyway. It did peak up a little in the back, but wasn't really noticeable, I think. At least, it didn't show up in any of the pictures.

  3. I got a bustier/corset thing from David's Bridal and let me tell you, that sucker was the first thing to come off after the ceremony. I think most dress types don't require them unless you're an extremely chesty girl. I spent $70+ on that thing to wear it for a whole 15 minutes! I wish I would've just bought a good strapless bra, something I could've used after the wedding too..

  4. Hm, I decided to wear comfy stuff because I don't think my mother is even going to let my future hubby undress me out of my big ballgown. (She's really possessive about handling the dress!) I'm going with bras and undies I already own. I think... I mean I have six months to change my mind, but it's not really on my list of things to do. My dress has a corset in it, so it's got the waist cinching and boobage included already. You should have gone that route if you wanted the spruce the girls up! ;)


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