Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Invitations: Check!

Invitations are officially sent!  Yay!

Well, OK, there's still a couple of people who need to give us their addresses, but most of them are out.

It's such a relief to have this over.  Now the tux, rings, and ceremony are the only really big things we have left to do!

I really like the way the invites turned out.  I think tying the suite with hemp chord really added a lot to the look without adding much to the cost.

This is like the epitome of my wedding concept summed up in one small item:  beachy, classy, and cheap (without looking cheap).

Daniel did an amazing job on the envelopes too.  We didn't want to address them by hand because we both have sucky handwriting, and there was no way we were paying for a calligrapher to do it, so we decided to use labels instead.

The return address labels were easy.  Daniel found them on Vistaprint.com and got them for FREE!  All we had to do was pay $3 for shipping.  Major win.

The individual address labels were much trickier, but Daniel found a label-making program online that we could download, so we could make and print the labels from home.  Then all we had to do was buy blank labels from the label company (Avery), pick a background for them from Clip Art, type the addresses into the label spaces, and print.

OK, having a background made it a little trickier than that.  Daniel spent hours trying to get the spacing right for each one.  But in the end, it probably didn't take much longer than addressing them by hand would have, and they look much nicer.  Plus, the whole shabang cost us about $10.  Take that, calligraphers!

Invitation Envelope
Yes, I'm inviting J.K. Rowling to my wedding.  Shush.

RSVP Card Envelope

*All Personal Photos

They aren't are coordinated as they could be, but they still look pretty good, especially for what we spent on them.  And I kind of like that not everything has the exact same look.

How did you address your invitations?  Did you do anything to spice them up?  And did anyone else invite someone neither of you actually knows (come on, I'm not the only one, right?  Right)?

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