Thursday, May 5, 2011

100 Days

I was informed by our registries today that there are 100 days left until our wedding.

My reaction?  Shit!

We're not really behind on the planning anymore, but we're not ahead either, and I would like to be.

And so last night I started working on our ceremony in earnest.  By earnest, I mean actively searching for passages instead of just writing random stuff down when I think of it.

Thus far, I am going through all of my books to see what has wedding-worthy passages.  I also started looking for inspiration on some of my favorite wedding websites (read:  OffBeatBride).  I imagine Daniel will do something similar, but I haven't nagged him enough to start yet, so we'll have to see if he goes about it differently.

We're planning on writing the entire thing ourselves along with our vows, except for an introduction to be written by our officiant (btw Nicole, I'll talk to you about that soon, I swear).  I would really like to have lots of different people who are close to us come up to read passages as the bulk of the ceremony.  It would be great to include all of the people we're really close to in this way, but we'll have to see how feasible that is.  If nothing else, I'd like the parents and the wedding party to be able to participate.

And if all goes well, we'll have it done long before the next 100 days are over.

Cross your fingers.  I certainly will be.

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  1. One way to do it would be to assign different readers and have them find something that they find appropriate. Risky, but you could double check (or have my Nicole check) to see if it's appropriate.


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