Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nom Nom Nom

In spite of my illness during our NorCal planning trip, we did manage to get some things done.  The most enjoyable and successful was completely, utterly, and without a doubt our tasting at Guayma's.

We already knew we loved their food.  That was why we looked into Guayma's in the first place.  Still, free food is always appreciated (as Daniel pointed out, this wasn't in the strictest sense "free" since technically speaking this will be the most expensive meal of our lives, but the way I see it, if I'm not paying for it now, and we were going to have to pay the same exorbitant amount with or without this particular meal, I'm going to take advantage of that extra special taste of excellence that comes with food being free).

We start with the appetizers and margaritas.

I was actually really glad we got to try the margaritas.  I've had one at Guayma's before, but I'm cheap, and it was nice to be able to taste some of their signature ones, even though we decided not to go with the margarita pitchers.  We knew the chips and salsa were excellent, but the guacamole was new to us, and even though it was not the world's most exciting guacamole, it was made from some of the freshest avocados I've ever had.  I definitely appreciated that.

I'm so mad at myself for not getting a picture of the empanadas as I intend them to be my main course at the wedding.  I was a little too intent on wolfing them down to remember my camera.  But they are one of the best Mexican dishes I have ever eaten.  Flaky crusts encompass gobs fantastic cheese mixed with a touch of potato and mushrooms or zucchini.  Nothing overpowers the taste of the cheese, but the other ingredients keep the large amounts of cheese from being sickening.  They are perfectly balanced and by far my favorite part of any Guayma's meal.

I also failed to get pictures of the cactus and plantain tamales we ordered, but we decided not to include them anyway.  We were thinking about having them as one of the main dishes since we have some vegetarians coming and wanted them to feel included, but even though they were delicious, they just didn't feel like a main dish.  In the end, there will be enough vegetarian food that I highly doubt the few people with restrictions who are coming will feel cheated (hint to vegetarian guests:  if this does bother you, let me know please, we are definitely willing to accommodate you, it's just that it will cost us extra).

After all that (can you believe we're still on appetizers?), we tasted the salad.

This was definitely the least whelming part of the meal, but it was still really good for salad.  They pretty much sold me just on the goat cheese and (oh so) fresh avocado.

Then, after eating way, way too much of our delicious appetizers, we moved on to the main courses.

The steak and chicken skewers were so succulent and flavorful that I forgot all about the vegetarian tamales, and for me, the pseudo-vegetarian who orders tamales at every Mexican restaurant, that's saying something.  I didn't try the shrimp because I don't eat seafood, but Daniel was definitely in love with it, and I did poke my finger in the sauce which was excellent:  spicy but not overpowering, just flavorful.  So good.  And it all came with beans, rice, and tortillas which frankly was overkill for our poor stomachs, but that's another thing the vegetarians can eat, so I'm glad we'll have them.  Plus, it'll be good to have something for people who don't like spicy food (how can you live with spicy?!) cuz there's not going to be much else for them.

And then, with overflowing stomachs, we entered my favorite part of the meal:  dessert!

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My poor digestive system was so unprepared for more food at this point, but I'm still disappointed that we were unable to finish all three desserts because they were. so. good.  No one would ever have to sell me on chocolate mousse pie, but with its firm yet creamy and chocolately texture, this dessert certainly did not disappoint.  We had had the coconut flan before and were astounded by its perfect texture and caramelly coconut flavor, but this time they added fresh berry sauce which made it all the more attractive.  But strange as it may sound, nothing could compare to the churros.  Daniel has been very put off since that first heavenly bite because he says he will never be able to eat churros again.  Nothing will be as good.  No theme park churro will be worth it.  Not even Disneyland's.  Nothing could compare to the perfect churro crust stuffed with caramel.  Add ice cream for dipping, and these are the perfect churros.  No exceptions, no competition.

I am so screwed.  I don't want to be as unpleasantly bursting at my wedding as I was after this tasting, but I want to eat everything because it was SO GOOD!  Dessert's going to be the hardest because we'll have our cake too, and I HAVE to have ALL OF IT!  Daniel's just going to have to share everything with me.  Oh man.  The one and only thing I wish Guayma's had done different is they gave us full servings of everything which was soooo unnecessary.  But they wouldn't let us bring anyone with us, so it would have been nice to either have reasonable portions or at least people to share with because OMG SO MUCH FOOOOOD.

Yeah, but in conclusion, such good food, such amazingly good food.  Seriously, if you ever visit the Bay Area, go to Guayma's.  It's so worth it, and it's so unique which makes it even better.

Was food a priority for you?


  1. Yum! Everything sounds SO GOOD! I'm hungry now. Mexican food is my favorite aside from Japanese. Your guests are gonna have a fab time!

  2. I'm so hungry now. All these flavors I haven't really had for almost four years now...I adore churros, and while I was previously considering not coming to your wedding, the churros convinced me. ;)

    We had lots of tasty food at our wedding, and while I remember eating it, I don't remember TASTING it. I think food, which is normally so important to me, moved to the back burner, so to speak, during the wedding. But not to worry, Andrew and I will be there to treasure every morsel for you guys and tell you how it is!

  3. Food is without a doubt the most important aspect of any desi (indian/paki) event. Hands down. So yeah, I absolutely thrilled on our tasting as well. It was sooooooo much fun. *LOOOVE*

    Glad you enjoyed it, that is one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning. We ended up having SO MUCH FOOD too. But it's better that way.


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