Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Have a Successful and Productive Wedding Planning Weekend

Step 1:  Don't do nearly enough research before heading to your wedding destination.  Be sure to have a good reason like a personal crisis and failed ceremony plans right before too.

Step 2:  Make it so that you only have 2 full days at the destination that is over 400 miles away from where you live.  While you're too poor to come back up for several months and everything you're doing must be decided by the end of this trip.

Step 3:  Get sick the day before driving to your semi-destination wedding.  Get a lot worse the day that you leave.

Step 4:  Make yourself sicker by stuffing so much food down your throat that you literally cannot stand another bite.  Then try to look at outdoor ceremony locations in the dark and the cold.

Step 5:  Get a lot sicker your first night there.  Go to bed late and wake up before dawn without being able to get back to sleep.  Remember that you only have 2 days to do everything and try to power through the pain.

Step 6:  Be too out of it to think to check whether the florists you're visiting are open on Sundays.  Waste 2 hours driving to closed florists.  Feel like an idiot.

Step 7:  Wake up with a fever on your second and last full day.  Decide to press on anyway despite inability to stand for more than a few minutes.

Step 8:  Look for outdoor ceremony on a cold, windy day near the ocean.

Step 9:  Leave early the last day to get home to your brother's birthday party.  Make sure your fiance was up all night with you so that he is too tired to drive and ends up sleeping while you drive.  Try not to crash.

How Not to Kill Yourself through Your Own Stupidity

Step 1:  Make your fiance do most (and then all) of the driving.

Step 2:  Have your amazingly scrumptious food tasting before you realize you are dying.

Step 3:  Eat cake so delectable that you can still taste how good it is even when you cannot smell.

Step 4:  Reject your OCD nature and let your fiance check out hotels on his own.

Step 5:  Ditch everything that doesn't need to be done now.

Step 6:  Sleep in the car between ceremony locations.

Step 7:  Watch everything your hosts have saved on their DVR.

Though I hope this doesn't happen to you, as Jillreigh reminded me recently, shit happens.  People get sick.  Things do not go as planned.  Life is not perfect.  Sometimes, you just have to deal with it.  We really needed to get our ceremony and hotels taken care of, but the flowers can wait.  And I had to suppress my god-forsaken nature and not do everything myself.  This was probably good practice for the day of when I will not get to set up the wedding decorations and will have to leave it others...and not freak out if it's not perfect.

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  1. Sorry :( I hope you were as productive as you needed to be up here.


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