Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shoesies for My Feetsies: Dreams Do Come True

When searching for my shoes, I mostly looked in the department store sales racks.  Lots of selection plus mostly reasonable prices seemed like my best bet.  After-Christmas sales seemed like an excellent time to search, so when I was at the mall last week, I made a point of checking all the shoe departments.

And finally I lucked out and found these:

They are pretty much perfect.  They've got the side strappy deal that I like and the behind-the-heel strap that I think looks so elegant.  The light, silvery color appeals to me and works well with my dress.  Plus, there's just the smallest touch of bling which is awesome.  And best of all...

...the heels are the perfect height!
There are just a couple of things that I'm worried about.  The strap doesn't really hold my heel in place, so they flop around a bit, but I spent a lot of time walking and dancing in them at the store (much to the other customers' chagrin) and it was fine, so I think that will work out.  More problematic is the utter lack of traction.  I definitely like me some traction, especially since catching myself in this dress will not be easy, but my dad said he can rough up the bottoms for me, so we'll make it work.

On the whole, they fit my criteria really well, so I'm happy to check another thing off the list.

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I'm happy with them, especially because they actually fit into my budget, but they're not my dream shoes.  For as long as I can remember, there has been only one shoe that I ever truly loved, one shoe that would be special enough for my wedding day, one shoe. to rule. them....all right, not really, but when I first envisioned my wedding shoes, only one image came to mind.

That's right, a glass slipper.  A real glass slipper.  What can I say?  I'm Disney obsessed, and Cinderella was my favorite movie when I was little.

I knew this was completely impractical and never going to happen from the beginning, but my shoe search really started with obsessively googling real glass slippers.  The above were the only ones I could find that were real and would fit a real foot.  They are almost $300.  Obviously, that was not happening.  But for a moment, I did dream of walking down the aisle in these beauties...and then changing into shoes that were not trying to destroy my feet for the reception.

It's probably best that I could never afford glass slippers.  There are so many things that could go wrong.  But I love that they actually exist, and perhaps someday I'll buy my dream shoes anyway.  For now, I'm content with the practical pretties that I have.

All right, I know I'm not the only one who wanted to be Cinderella on her wedding day.  Fess up.  Who else is salivating at the thought of wearing glass slippers?


  1. Congrats on finding The (Other) One! Never contemplated glass slippers but the idea is terribly romantic.

  2. I can only imagine that glass slippers would be dreadfully terrifyingly painful. :)

    As for traction, you can always just get some no slip pads to stick on the bottom, I do that quite often and it always works well for me. Your shoes are very pretty, I'm glad you found them :) I found my own about a week before the wedding haha. But they were so silvery and glittery and beautiful and not crazy expensive...
    I know one bride who actually found hers the day before her wedding. Imagine that fright :)

  3. I also hate shoe shopping with a passion. Nothing ever fits me just right, nor feels comfortable after I leave the store, and all the choice leaves me dizzy. I often find one style I really like, then can't decide on which color I like best. My shoe shopping excursions are pretty pathetic.

    I had really comfortable low heels from high school that I really wanted to wear for the wedding, and totally would have, despite the battered-ness, but my dress was too long and couldn't be hemmed as much as I needed it because of the pattern on the bottom, so I found the tallest, least whore-ish white heels I could and wore those. It wasn't ideal, especially since they were really uncomfortable, but they kept my dress from dragging on the ground.

    Your shoes look really adorable, and comfortable. I suggest wearing them often to break them in before the wedding. Just always wear hose with them so they don't get too dirty.

  4. Beautiful shoes! A cobbler can attach suede to the bottom, or your dad can get a shoe-roughing brush from Discount Dance Supply.


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