Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rings: Kind of Important

So...remember how rings were supposed to be the one thing we got done while we were still in Chicago?  As in, way, way in advance?  Actually, you probably don't remember because it's been so long since I mentioned it that most of you weren't reading this yet.

Yeah, we procrastinated.  A lot.  In fact, rings are probably the big thing we've lagged on the most.

We have an excuse though!  For months, we tried to get a hold of our jeweler without success.  Normally, this would have caused us to ditch him, but he knows Daniel's family, so we held on, hoping for his discount.

In the end, after pushing people in the family who know him better to get him to talk to us, he did finally respond...saying that he couldn't do the rings we wanted.

So we finally gave up on him and went with a jeweler we found on Etsy.  They are called Minter & Richter, and they are based on the East Coast, so we not only have never seen their work in person but have communicated completely over the internet.  I'm still a little bit nervous about that, but we had such a hard time finding a design that we liked, that I'm willing to risk imperfection with them.

They fit all of our requirements:  the bands match while still catering to what each of us likes, and they are completely unique.  Our rings are also as close as you can get to opals while actually being durable (or so they say...).

We're happy with them.  They're not perfect, but they're close, and after all of the searching we did for the perfect rings, we're both too tired to care about perfection anyway.

So without further ado, here are the rings that will symbolize our union forever (and here's hoping they work out the way we think they will).

The inlay will be this color:

Here is the style of Daniel's band:

So, his will have the metallic color and be about that width and style.

And here is the style of mine:

My style is the smaller of course.  It's made to be much smaller, with more inlay than metal.

I'm glad our rings will be the same color and similar styles.  It just feels so much more unified to me that way.

We're also engraving them, but the engraving is too personal/embarrassing to publicize on the internet, and it would take too long to explain anyway.  Yeah.

I really hope we don't have to rush order them.  Though they may not ship for 6 weeks which is dangerously close to wedding.  But whatevs, we'll figure it out.

How did you pick your rings and ring maker?  Did you go for unity or just pick what each of you liked?


  1. We bought our rings months ahead of time (actually found them on overstock.com)... and I was proud of myself for getting this step done. And then I was in Fred Meyer getting my engagement ring cleaned and saw a ring that I loved...and tried it on... and bought it... lol. So, I now have two "wedding rings" though one is still sitting in a box in our closet, and the one I bought, just three weeks before the wedding, sits on my finger. =)

  2. We went into a jewelry store on a whim during a trip to San Francisco because it was called Paris Jewelers. We looked through what they had, liked what we saw, liked the price, so we bought it. I don't regret it at all. It was really fun buying a diamond. Our bands don't match, but it works out. The rings just looked so pretty on Nicole's hand I couldn't say no.


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