Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My mom just sent me the following email:

"Can you send me a picture of your wedding dress?  I can't tell you why . . . a surprise.  You don't have to put it on, just a pic of front and back."

And I have no idea why, and it's driving me nuts!  Any idea on what she could be doing?

Lately, my family has been a little more engaged in the wedding process which is nice.  For the longest time, they didn't really seem to care about it, which I think is because they didn't, which is totally understandable.  If you'll remember my parents' wedding, you'll see that our wedding, despite our relatively relaxed attitude, is much bigger and more formal than theirs was.  They just don't really care about this kind of stuff.  And the only other family member I have who could care is my 19-year-old brother.  'Nuff said.  His girlfriend is more engaged than he is.

I don't really mind.  Not caring means I don't have to deal with their opinions being forced on me like most people do.  That has been such a blessing.  And it's not like they don't care at all, they just don't care about any of the details or being involved in the planning.  Still, it's nice when they show a little excitement.


  1. Unless you're the one planning it, I think it's difficult for anyone to get excited about something when it's way far in the future. Makes sense that they're getting more involved now that it's closer.

    As far as the surprise goes, I don't want to guess because I don't want to potentially ruin the surprise, but I've seen a few types of personalized gifts out there that could require photos of your dress.

  2. Maybe they're hiring a thief to steal the dress and they needed a photo to show him so he knew what to look for. You should lock it in a safe.

    Or maybe they're going to have a tailor copy it so they can have it made out of neoprene to wear to your wedding, as a kind of fusion of the two wedding ceremonies.

  3. One of my ex-bffs who was going to be a reader in our wedding (I didn't have bridesmaids) showed up 2 hours late to try on dresses, didn't show up for the rehearsal, and showed up an hour and a half late for our wedding day (missed the ceremony entirely, showed up halfway through cocktail hour). Weddings really are where you find out ~*~who your true friends are~*~ or whatever. Hopefully she'll send you something nice and her sincerest congratulations. (Mine didn't, to this day she says I'm holding a grudge about nothing.) The important part is to cherish those that are THERE!


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