Saturday, November 6, 2010

World of Color*

I have not talked about our theme in a while.  This is because our finalized theme was highly dependent on our destination.  However, now that we have our venue, it is time to get a real vision for what this thing will look like.

As our wedding is going to be on an island, the island theme pretty much created itself.  Catalina has a very distinct vibe that will creep into our wedding whether we like it or not.  We're down with that, but neither of us really wants a super casual, beachy wedding.  We both want our wedding to be nice.  Not necessarily formal, but still elegant.

The best way to do this seems to be through wedding colors.  For those of you who were not around for my anti-wedding colors phase, neither of us was originally very enthused by the idea of wedding colors.  It felt restricting and kind of lame, too ordinary and generally meh.

But now that we have the island theme and just need something to tie the actual wedding together, colors don't seem so bad.  I think, and Daniel agrees, that having common colors for the reception will help the wedding seem more formal in a thoughtful sort of way.

Now the real question:  which colors?  We were always going to do blue.  We both like blue, it's neutral, and it's an easy color to agree on.  Plus, ocean.  So blue is going to be the main color.  But I have had major inner battles about secondary colors.  Originally, we were thinking blues and greens for the oceany theme, but I never really got on board with that idea, and it would not work for this venue anyway.

I've gone through all sorts of colors in my head and in discussion with Daniel, but in the end, it was something Daniel said that brought us to the colors we're actually going with.

While telling him about my colors tie it together theory, he mentioned we should do island colors as our colors.  When I started thinking about it, I realized that the main island colors are yellows, light browns, blushy reds, cactus green, and obviously ocean blue.

This allowed me to have a vision that I had secretly wanted for a long time.

You see, I love blue, but I don't like blue flowers.  I have tried to like them.  I scoured the internet for blue flower arrangements, and while I liked some things better than others, nothing impressed me.

But I love pink and yellow flowers.  I tried to shy away from pink at least because I knew Daniel didn't want the decor to be too girly, but I kept coming back to those two colors.  And I think blue with pink and yellow accents works really well and would look nice and happy without overdoing the girly bits.

So when Daniel started talking about island colors, I pitched my color scheme.  He was a little cautious about the pink, but when I explained that my vision would basically be blue big stuff with pink and yellow flowers only, he got on board.  We'll probably also throw some greens into the arrangements to keep it toned down, and that will incorporate all of the island's colors while still creating a loose formality.

But what can you really imagine without pictures?  Here is an idea of what I want the wedding to look like:

This picture is actually from the island.  I'm pretty sure I remember the coordinator saying that these blue linens were not extra, so I definitely want to use them if they're not.  Though this will not be our space, I really like the way this area is set up and will probably try to emulate it.

This is from the island too.  I promised no pink napkins, but I like the way these tables are set up with multiple colors and lots of greens.  We would probably aim for a similar look though with some different colors.

These are not the colors we're looking for at all, but this is the inside of our reception space.  Not the best picture, but it should give an idea of the space we're working with.  Very islandy interior.

I've always loved both of these bouquets, and I think I just may try to combine them.  More like the first one, but with yellow, pink, and yellowish pinkish roses.

However, this bouquet should give you an idea of what most of our flower arrangements should look like.  Pink and yellow dominating but filled with greens and maybe just a hint of blue thrown in.  Don't those colors look good together?  I love them.

This is probably the best example of what our wedding as a whole will look like.  These particular bouquets are a bit frouffy for me, and I'm not digging the lack of greens, but I do so like the pink and yellow as flowers with blue as the main background color.  And yes, Megan, this means that you will be wearing a blue dress.  You're welcome.  Not that you're reading this.

OK, you get the idea.

How did you decide on your theme/colors?  Did your venue choose them for you?  From what I've seen, it seems like the bride is often the one to make the decision about colors (not that the bride isn't the one who most often makes the decision about anything, but this particular thing seems even more the bride's area than other stuff).  Was that how it was for you?  Or did the groom have an opinion also?

*All right, who's been to California Adventure lately?


  1. First, I want to go see world of color sooooo badly!

    Second, I have some links for you:

  2. How exciting! Your wedding really is coming together beautifully. Congrats on deciding your colors!

  3. i love those colours! i think they will work beautifully. and you get such a range that you don't have to feel boxed in to two colours.

  4. We picked Blue and Gold for some obvious and not so obvious reasons. This decision was a mutual one, occuring when we looked at the Redwood Grove the first time, during our walk through the botanical gardens. The obvious reason is that Blue and Gold are Berkeley's colors. A less obvious reason is that blue is my favorite color, and yellow is Nicole's (especially mixed with purple). The least obvious reason is that I have blue eyes and Nicole has gold eyes.

    I think blue with yellow and pink highlights sounds lovely. I think you could even pull off pink napkins.

    Daniel should definitely wear a bright pink vest... and dye his hair pink. Definitely.


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