Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Are Never Going to Get a Date

Eff my mothereffing life!

The coordinator at Catalina finally got back to us.  Turns out they cannot do the dinner option we had originally planned on during the day...which means it will be $15 per person more expensive...for our already over budget wedding.  We figured out a way for it to still be possible, but it involves making the guests pay an extra $5 to get there, bringing the total up to $35 for them.  Plus, the buffet option we would have to do allows for only one entree which is a major problem for the vegetarian guests...and me!  I literally would not like to eat anything on that menu except the prime rib which is $2 extra per person--not happening.

We have another venue option.  It is in NorCal which would be a PAIN IN THE ASS to plan from 400 miles away and is not as cool as Catalina....but it would cost a lot less, allow us to have a lot more options, and have excellent food and cake for CHEAP.

And yet...Catalina still really appeals to us.

What should we do?  What would you do?  I don't know what to do.  Someone just tell me what to do.


  1. where in norcal are you looking? need any help?

  2. I'm sorry Catalina doesn't look like it's working out. To be fair, I think you'd get some really awesome pictures up here in the Bay. What venue are you thinking about? Wouldn't it be more expensive for your guests to travel up here? Planning a wedding from far away is tough but not impossible!

  3. aw sweetie i am sorry! are there ANY other food options? like could you have a lunch at another venue on the island, or do they make you do it there?

    planning a wedding from a far away would be really tough. but it might also be a little less stressful still, since it would be so much cheaper for you.

    what do you really want to do? do you think catalina is your dream location?

  4. How many people are coming from SoCal vs NorCal? If it's roughly the same number of people, I say go for the cheaper option.

  5. At first, the $35 fee to attend your wedding was a bit shocking, but when I thought about it, I realized it would probably be less expensive than driving up North, even though you don't realize it because you're so used to paying for gas. If you do decide to do the wedding at Catalina, for any guests that are on the fence, remind them that it's cheaper than going up north.


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