Monday, November 29, 2010

Proof That We Are Getting Married

Shoot, I thought I might be able to hold off until the 100th post for this, but as we mailed in the deposit today, it's time to tell you:




When we found out Catalina was going to be more expensive than we planned, our second choice became a much more viable option.  In the end, we probably could have made Catalina work, but the number of things we would have had to give up to do it just wasn't worth it.  While Catalina was the venue we wanted, Guayma's will allow us to have the wedding we want, and we decided that that is more important.

So meet our venue:  Guayma's is a gourmet Mexican restaurant in Tiburon, CA in Marin County (just north of San Francisco and one of the most expensive places to live on the planet).  If you live in the Bay Area and haven't been, you really, really ought too.  It's a bit on the expensive side, but you can eat cheaply there if you make an effort, especially if you come for happy hour (half off appetizers -- get the empanadas/quesadillas/whatever they're calling them these days, they are fantastic).

The more I think about it, the more Guayma's really makes sense for us as a couple.  It's a place we've been just the two of us to celebrate special occasions for years, and it's a place where we've made memories together.  Also, as it's right on the bay, it almost has the ocean view that we wanted but also gives you a look at the beauty of Marin and the Golden Gate Bridge.  As a reception venue, it couldn't be more perfect.  Outdooors, gorgeous view, exceptionally good food, room for dancing, available and no more expensive for Saturday night, and very reasonable prices.  And, get this, NO SITE FEE.  You heard me, none, zip, zilch, nada....OK so they're implementing one next year, but even then it will only be $150 which isn't even noticeable in a wedding budget.  We got really, really lucky.

So it's not the open ocean, and it's not my beloved island, but it is still a spectacular venue, and I think we'll be very happy with our wedding there...and with the money that has been freed up for other a honeymoon.  Plus, we'll have the world's greatest cake which frankly was a larger part of the decision to go for NorCal than I'm proud of (Katrina Rozelle, I am coming for you).  Though as the last couple I know that got their wedding cake there said, "Katrina Roselle should have been the ONLY consideration in terms of where to have your wedding."  Yes, it's that good.  But more on that later.

For now, pictures (all personal photos)!

The restaurant.  Our reception is on the upper deck.

The reception space.

 And the view.  Which I did not get the greatest pictures of, but you get the idea.

How did you know that your venue was "the one?"

P.S. Dana, I know you read this, so just so you know, vegetarian options will abound :).


  1. YAY!!!! I'm so glad that you guys found a venue that works for you.

  2. Oh awesome! Anything that gives you Bay views is a plus in my book! It looks so pretty! And I think it is so great that this place means something to you, too. And MEXICAN! ARRRRRIBA!

  3. guayamas is a perfect spot!! i love that place! i live right up here so if you ever need someone to stop by and pick anything up or whatever, let me know!

  4. KATRINA ROZELLE! I die. I think this truly is an occasion where I'm glad/proud that Nor-Cal has won.

  5. Excellent! Also, I love Mexican food. How does the payment work, exactly? You just have to pay for the food? Are you going to do a set menu, or let people choose? Will the entire restaurant be closed off? Can you invite more people now? What date did you decide on?

    Andrew wants to know about your music choices. He thinks you should do "Beyond the Sea" for your first dance, doing a foxtrot or one-step. He also suggests you do some Israeli dances, which are easy and fun (he'll teach anything you want). But I'm sure you've already picked everything out.

  6. OHMYGOD. I AM SO EXCITED. and we've been there together too!

    and i'm so happy for you. and you get a honeymoon!

    and i get veggie options!!!!


    you really just made my night like 1000 times better. i'm just so happy for you!


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