Friday, March 26, 2010

Bouquet Blues (or rather, blue bouquets)

As you might remember from this post, I have begun searching for a cheap way to incorporate flowers into my wedding.  I've definitely still got a lot of research to do, but I figured I'd start small and figure out what I'm looking for in a bouquet and then expand its look to the rest of the wedding.

I've always loved roses, and I've known for ages that I want them to feature in my wedding.  At the same time, I value diversity, and I know I'd like to incorporate lots of kinds of flowers.  Keeping these two things in mind, I started photo hunting and came up with these:

I like that this bouquet has a mere sprinkling of roses, and having lots of greenery as filling would work well with our color scheme.  Also, I'm digging the bluish leaves that would also work well colorwise.  Obviously, we'd have to have different colored roses, but I love the natural but elegant feel of this bouquet.

I think this is adorable.  The colors would not work at all for us, but finding blue and white alternatives would be really cute.

Again, I like the natural look of this bouquet, and this one is closer to our color scheme.  I would like to incorporate a little purple into our bouquet if I can (let's just say that if this was my wedding instead of our wedding, the colors would be pink, purple, and blue, no question).

Of these, I like the first one the best, but if I could pull off a combination of these, I think it would be awesome.

Now the hard part:  what flowers to use?  Well, we can check off roses and even guess that I'll be using white ones as they would probably fit best with ocean colors (white = surf, right?).  That leaves me on a quest for blue flowers and greens.

Copying this bouquet would make a lot of sense for us.  It's got roses in the right amounts, and the blue hydrangeas also work perfectly with our colors.  The hydrangeas are also awesome because they grow in my parents' backyard, and if we time our wedding right, I might be able to harvest them.  However, this is just a little too neat for me.  If I do something like this, I'd like to spruce it up with more kinds of flowers and a little more color.  Perhaps I could stick in something like these:

Using lavender blooms (which were unnamed on the webpage, anyone know what they're called?) like these would give me that dash of purple without overwhelming the bouquet.

I also love these:

These purplish-blue hydrangeas have the kind of rich color that attracts me to blue in the first place.  They also remind me of the ocean a little bit, and that makes them awesome for our wedding.  I might throw in a few white calla lillies too as I like the depth that they give to bouquets.

Alright, so now I need your help.  What blues, greens, and whites do you think would work well in a bouquet?  Also, as I still know nothing about how these flowers grow, what flowers are available in these colors in California during the summer?  Does anyone know when the flowers in these pictures bloom?  And where?  Which bouquets do you like and why?  Also, if anyone has any pictures of bouquets that they think I might like, I would love to see them.  Thanks!

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