Saturday, April 14, 2012

Can You Feel the Love Tonight: The Reception Begins

Finally...finally...we got to the reception.

I thought a lot about how to enter.  I had seen a lot of couples on enter to songs like the "Emperor's March" from Star Wars and was determined to do something as cool.  Daniel was totally on board.  We had several candidates in our short list, but in the end, there was only one real contender:

Aside from the fact (yes, fact) that Indiana Jones is awesome, I have strong emotional attachments to the "Raiders Theme" from the Indy ride at Disneyland and from this:

Yeah, you're going to have it stuck in your head for at least a week now.  Sorry.  Anyway, Daniel has strong emotional attachments to Indy as well, and it's just such a perfect entrance song.  Anyway.

Photos by Stephen Cheng.

We started eating straight away because we were so late.  Thank goodness we already had chips, salsa, and guacamole on the tables!

Trying to catch up to our schedule, we went into the toasts pretty quickly.

I won't bore you too much with things that people said about us that were super awesome but that you wouldn't understand.  I do, however, feel inclined to share a bit about my maid of honor's toast.  You will need some back story to understand it.  As you all know, I am completely obsessed with Disneyland.  As such, I have a tendency to gravitate towards other such inflicted people as well as convert others to the cause of Disneymania.  Seema, my MOH, was one such convert, and I became friends with her friend Alison because of our shared love of Disney and Harry Potter.  Together, we were the Disney Dorks.  We had our own princess club:  I was Ariel, Alison was Belle, and Seema was Jasmine.  By the way, we were in high school when all this started.  Yes, we're that cool.

Anywho, Seema's toast relied heavily upon this obsession, but her toast more than the others was well-written, very personal, but still accessible, and very well put together, I thought.

Reading toasts is boring, so you can watch instead.

I loved all of the toasts.  They all meant a lot to me, especially those given by my family, as I'm sure Daniel's family's were to him.  I'm so glad we got them on video though because I really don't remember what most people said.  I just know that in the moment, I felt very loved.

 My Brother's Toast Produced This

 My Husband's and My Reactions to Bad Jokes

By the way, advice to future toast givers:  remember to take your glass with you!  Almost everyone forgot theirs.

As soon as dinner came to a close, it was time to move back the tables and break out the dancing!  We made use of the time that the tables and chairs in the center were being moved to go over our Daniel and Nicole quiz.

Care to take a guess?  This was our quiz:

Answers at the Bottom

No one got all of them right.  We made it pretty hard so that we wouldn't have too many winners.  However, Daniel's younger cousin changed his answers as we were giving out the right ones so that he would win.  I was like, "Um, no," but their grandma vouched for him, and for some reason, Daniel thought that was good enough, so he "won."  Ironic, because he's still in high school, and the prize was a bottle of Jamaican rum in honor of our honeymoon.  His parents have it locked away until he turns 21.


We also took advantage of the open space to get some group pictures before the dancing began.

 The BookWorlders Being Bookish

My Best Friends from College

The boys snuck Daniel away for forced tequila shots...

 ...while I finally got some shots with my flower girl.

And then, it was time to dance!

Quiz Answers:  e, d, d, a, true (barely)

Which toasts were most meaningful to you?  Why?  Did you do anything out of the ordinary at your reception?


  1. Long live bad jokes!

    Marriage is an institution in which the man loses his Bachelor's degree and the woman gets her Master's.

    1. I must say, as bad jokes go, I actually enjoyed that one ;).


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