Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Final Countdown: Friday Night, or the Not Rehearsal Dinner

We did not have a traditional rehearsal dinner in any sense of the word.  We wanted to get together with people the day before but could not afford to make a big thing out of it, so we ended up throwing out some appetizers and wine at one of the hotels people were staying at and called it a day.

We seriously owe Daniel's dad and his girlfriend for getting everything ready for us because there was NO WAY we would have had time to do it ourselves.  We barely had time to get the drinks.

But I'm really glad we did this.  The wedding went by so fast, it was nice to have extra time to just hang out with the people we love but do not see very often.  We both talked to people that night that we never even saw during the wedding which was good.  Plus, it gave people time to mingle and make friends with each other before the wedding (and ask me about what was going on with Daniel's mom, so they weren't asking during the wedding).  We were really impressed by how well everyone got on with each other.

I don't have a lot of pictures from the not rehearsal dinner--no one was really thinking about it at that point--but I think this one of me and my dad really says it all:

Me and My Dad

Once I was on the point of collapse from being so exhausted, we FINALLY had a little downtime in our room.  The best thing about the hotel we chose to stay in was the large jacuzzi tub, and we sunk into it for the 45 minutes of free time we had before we had to finish the dancing playlist and go to bed.

The next day, the wedding was ON!

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  1. I think the best way to make a playlist is in a jacuzzi tub!


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