Monday, January 9, 2012

The Final Countdown: Friday Morning

The day before the wedding did not begin well.  On Thursday night, I had tried and failed to get to bed early, and unbidden, I lay awake wondering when Daniel was going to get home.

The first time Daniel had mentioned doing his bachelor party two nights before the wedding, I said, "NO!"  I believe my actual words were, "I will kill you!"

I know that sounds really bitchy, but my reasons ended up being perfectly valid, so I don't feel that bad about it.

Daniel never comes home from these sorts of things when he says he's going to.  This bothers me normally, but not terribly.  Most of the time it doesn't matter that much with the only consequence being that I should not have waited up for him.  However, having the groom stay out super late, drunk, two nights before the wedding I knew would be a problem for us.  We had to get up early on Friday and had A LOT of stuff to do that day, and I could not have him being too tired to hold up his responsibilities.

However, when he started talking about not having a bachelor party at all, I told him to do it on Thursday.  He wanted his friends to be there, and many would not arrive until then.  How could I refuse?  But I made him, as well as several groomsmen, promise to be home by midnight.

I never expected them to actually be back by midnight, but I had hoped they would respect me enough to have him back by 1am at the latest.  I pleaded with the best man to make sure he got home early and had the wives of one of the other groomsmen make her husband promise to have him home by midnight.

So when Daniel sauntered in at 2:30am, I was furious.  Now, keep in mind that I was utterly sleep-deprived already at this point, looking at the prospect of a nearly sleepless night, with so much to do the next day it made me want to cry, and I still had the Worst Headache I Have Ever Had in My Life.

Daniel was so drunk he had no idea what time it was or what was going on, and the best man had left before midnight, so all of my anger landed on the remaining groomsman.  That night, I hated him with a passionate fury.  I even texted his wife at 4am, telling her that I planned to kill her husband on the morrow.

For hours, I tried to sleep in spite of my anger, but I couldn't, so eventually, I got up and started packing the things I hadn't gotten to the night before.  I figured if I was going to lose sleep, I might as well be productive, so I might possibly have some rest tomorrow.  It did eventually calm me down, but before that was when Daniel got angry with me.  I basically threw a fit when he tried to get me to come to bed, and of course after that, he couldn't sleep either.  Both of us basically stayed up all night.  Finally, an hour or two before dawn, I went back to bed, and we both got to sleep.

I know I did not act honorably and that if I could have kept my anger in check, we would have been OK, but then, knowing that I would react this way is exactly why I didn't want him to have the party that night in the first place.  The whole thing could have been avoided if they had just brought him back when they said they would.

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  1. Oh no! This would've pissed me off too. We had our mutual bachelor/bachelorette party 2 weekeneds before the bedding. 2 days before the wedding I was already in stress/cry land, so I know this must not have been easy. Hope when he woke up it wasn't too bad!


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