Saturday, July 2, 2011

And so the man hunt begins...

Our RSVP cards were due yesterday.  Here's the verdict:

Yes:  62
No:  24
Non-responsive:  29
Non-responsive members of immediate family and wedding party:  5 (grrrrr)
Persons who invited themselves:  1 (officially)

Could be worse, but it still makes me angry that so many people haven't responded.  And I'm really angry about the person who invited herself, but that's another story.

Share the love.  How many people did you have to hunt down?  How many people invited themselves?  How difficult was it for you to actually get a real count?

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  1. We had about the same response. Our wedding party/immediate family didn't feel the need to RSVP because "you already know we're going to be there". As for the other non-RSVPers, I tried to track them down either personally or via our parents, and maybe of them said "maybe" (which REALLY pissed me off). I think the bulk of the non-RSVPers turned out to be no's... they just didn't feel the need to tell me "no" in the first place. We invited about 120 people and ended up with about 80 in the end.


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