Thursday, December 23, 2010

Going Lite on Offbeat Bride

When I discovered the amazing awesomeness that is featuring our STD video, I also discovered this which I think I may also have had a small something to do with actually.

You may have figured out by now that I am a big, big fan of  In fact, aside from WeddingBee, it's the only major wedding website that I follow regularly.  My fiance and I definitely have our geeky side, most of my friends since, like, 6th grade have been nerds, and I just love the creativity and uniqueness (and geeked-out awesomeness) that the Offbeat Brides put into their weddings.  I was definitely tempted to join them and have a geektastic reception.

The thing is though, like the author of this post and her Offbeat Lite cohorts, I often feel a little out of place on this site--and even just on normal blogs sometimes--because deep down, I want a traditional wedding in many senses.  I want flowers, a good photographer, a nice, formal reception, a big, pouffy white dress, a groom in a tux, and, well, the structure of a normal wedding.  There will certainly be offbeat details like my STD video, but we're not actually going to have boardgames, sorting hats, and Disney princesses as centerpieces or do a first Rockband game instead of a first dance.  And sometimes, I feel a little lame by our wedding's lack of extraordinariness.

But then, this is the wedding I want.  This is the wedding Daniel wants.  And as awesome as a Hogwarts cake would be, it's not really the shape we want our wedding to take.  And that's OK.  And sometimes it's good to remember that despite ANY expectations, this day really is about the two of you.


  1. This is a great post. Often times when planning our wedding I'd be like, "Is this too traditional?" and then I'd stop and say "Wait, when did that become a bad thing?!?" Your wedding is going to be beautiful!

  2. a hogwarts cake would be preeeetty awesome but when did having a wedding cake at a wedding become a turn off. When people ask me "what was your theme" I chuckle to myself and say "our wedding" - I think your wedding is going to be beautiful because it's Yours.


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