Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weddings That Will Never Be: Destination Caribbean

Once I actually started looking at Destination Weddings seriously, I realized what a plethora of free stuff could be found, especially in the Caribbean.

Now, I'd be down for any luxury resort in the Caribbean, but nothing really speaks to me like Sandals.  Ever since I saw that first lovely commercial with the big, beautiful, inviting pool with "Sandals" written on the bottom, I have longed to go to a Sandals resort.  And what better time than on my honeymoon?

I have actually been really impressed with Sandals since I started looking into it seriously for a honeymoon.  I knew it was a luxury resort, but I was amazed to discover how affordable it was.  Don't get me wrong, I know I'm not going to be saving any money on my honeymoon (um, and even though I'm talking about this like it's going to happen, we haven't actually made a decision, we just both really want it to be Sandals), but with everything you get at a Sandals resort--free food, alcohol, AND an excellent range of activities--it's actually a really good deal.

Naturally, in all of the many packets Sandals has sent me, I had to take a look at their wedding packages.

And frankly, I was amazed by what I found.

What's this?  You can have a pre-planned wedding for FREE?!  Sweetness!

I've found these kinds of deals elsewhere too, but if I was going to do a destination (and potentially free) wedding, I'd do it at Sandals.  In large part because I would want to stay there anyway, but I also think their weddings are adorable.

I've got to hand it to Martha Stewart, the woman's got taste.  She has planned six lovely weddings that you can choose from if you decide to get married at Sandals.

If I was actually going to do this, I think I'd go with this one:

Why Beautiful Beginnings?  Because it's free when you stay at a Sandals resort for a week.  And I'm always down for a free wedding!  I actually like this one better than some of the others anyway.  I love orchids, and even though the arrangements are a bit simple for my tastes, I think I'd be pretty happy with the flowery purple wedding.  Perhaps down the road we could do this as a vow renewal thing.

But if I wasn't thinking about the money, this is the wedding I'd go for:

I love tropical themed anything.  I actually thought about doing a tropical theme for our wedding anyway.  Had to let it go because it wouldn't really work out for us, but if we were already in a tropical setting, this would be AWESOME!  Again, I love orchids, and I really like the cake and bouquet for this one.  Plus, the table is kind of awesome with its tropical fruit display.  And I love the little umbrella in the sand escort cards.  So cute!  Yeah, I love this wedding.  I'd be down.

And so that is my dream.  It sure would be beautiful.  Alas, not meant to be.  Oh well, our honeymoon will be off the hook!

Would you ever do a pre-planned wedding like these?  All of us here in blogland must enjoy the wedding planning process to some extent or we wouldn't be here, but I often wonder if I would enjoy my wedding more if I didn't have to stress about the planning and could show up and be a little surprised the day of.  What do you think?  Is it really worth the struggle if you know Martha Stewart has taken care of all the little details for you?


  1. We were totally thinking about a Vegas wedding for the longest time for the shear amount of planning we wouldn't have to do. From this distance, it all just seemed like too much. But it proved to be too much money and so we are planning a backyard wedding for a lot less. And it's a complete pain in the ass.

  2. I think having a pre-packaged wedding would still be stressful because you wouldn't have any control over it, and in addition it wouldn't be very personal. Trust me, your wedding will be worth all the stress and planning because it'll reflect who you really are as a couple and you'll appreciate it more if you put in the work for it now.

    Everything will eventually come together and you'll be so happy with the results!


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