Friday, July 23, 2010

Help Please

Soooo, let's just say that you were looking for a wedding dress online.  What would you want to see?

If the dress in question had been altered (slightly) from its original form, would you rather see the brand's official picture of the dress or a picture of the actual dress?

What things would you be looking for from the seller?

Would you only order a dress you had tried on in a store?  Or would you be willing to order a dress you had never seen in person as long as it was returnable?

What would be most important to you in the ad?  Lots of pictures?  Lots of written details about the dress?  Keeping it short and sweet?  Price?  Something else?

Would you rather read an ad that really tries to capture the essence of the dress or something that just gives the facts?

Would you worry about a dress claiming to be brand new actually being new if you saw it on a person instead of on a manikin or in a magazine picture of the dress?

If you guys could answer these questions or some of these questions or even just give me your take on online dress shopping, I would really, really appreciate it.  Trying to sell my dress is not so easy.


  1. I bought my wedding dress online because I knew for years it was the one I wanted and it was cheaper that way. I was really worried about not being able to try it on, and I definitely had to have alterations done because it was too long, but the size chart really helped me pick the right size for me. Definitely include the one that the dress company uses so brides can see what size they need. More details are better, and maybe show both pictures, if you can.

  2. Lots of pictures - of the model and of you wearing it to show how it really looks. Include detail shots of the alterations. Most important info - size, price, unworn (except for above photos), etc. - should be easy to see and concise at top, but other info can follow.


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